Shadow Quest

The war between the Living and death...
A war for freedom of souls and for power of monarchy. Three heroes will arise and become the chosen ones.


6. Chapter 6


        She heard a sudden sobbed behind her so she quickly turned back. It was Mayne. She was crying. Ariz was about to say a word, but Mayne quickly hugged her, still she’s crying. Ariz quickly stood then loose from Mayne’s hug. Mayne dried her tears and sniffed.
        “Can I live here with you?” She said softly.
        Ariz’s eyes widened in surprise, but deep inside her was a pity.
        “My guardians departed and now I have nowhere to go. No one would even show the kindness you have showed me, and I don’t know what I should do.” Mayne plead.
        “You can’t.” Ariz insisted.
        Mayne suddenly collapsed in too much depression and hunger.
        Back in Cypher…
        The door opened as the king remained seated from his throne. Two knights came in first holding the poor princess trying to escape from their hands.
        The king stood in surprise. “What is this?” he asked.
        Lucas stepped forward and explained Jayne’s betrayal. “We are so disappointed to know that the princess had turned her loyalty against us. She killed almost half of our men with a very mysterious arrows and she have a bow that the whole kingdom have never seen before. We suspect that it belongs to the monster.” Lucas announced.
        The king approached Jayne then gave her a hard slap. “You’re a great shame!” he roared in anger.
        Aaron felt pity for Jayne. He also felt regret for killing the monster. “What have I done?” he said to himself then walked out of the throne room. He went at the gate and tried to calm himself…
        “Because of this insult you’ve brought to our kingdom, I will sentence you to leave Cypher and you shall never come back.” The king announced.         “Tomorrow at dawn, I shall not see your presence again.” He turned back trying to stop his tears.
        “Gladly, and I think it’s much better for me to leave right now!” Jayne said with great anger. She ran through the bridge without a notice that   Aaron saw her riding in one of the horses.
        She rode on without noticing that Aaron already was following him.
        (*To inform you* the forest near the empire of Blizzardia and the forest of Cypher are only close with each other… continue your read, thank you!)
        Mayne woke up, finally. She raised her head and looked around. She was in the cave where Ariz lives.
        “What kind of excuse was that?” Ariz interrupted. “You scared me.” she said
        “I’m sorry I caused you some trouble.” She gulped silently then faced Ariz again. “Can I stay here?” she asked once more.
        Ariz stopped and again her eyes widened. She sighed in depress as she closed her eyes then opened it to face Mayne. “Look, I’m not to be trusted. I’m a…” Ariz paused for a while to clear her throat. “I’m a vampire… and… everyone knows that vampires are dangerous.” She ended.
        “That’s why you live here to hide yourself.” Mayne began. “Because you think that you’re a mons –“Mayne paused as she remembered something. “You’re highness!” she bowed in surprise, same through with Ariz.
        “What are you saying?”
        “Can’t you remember me? I’m your servant seven years ago. You’re the last vampire ever since the empress, Aira had died. But what do you call yourself? Can’t you remember me princess Ariz?” Mayne tried to remind her happily.
        “Ridiculous. I call myself none other than me.” Ariz replied.
        “You are the last heir of Blizzardia ever since Iris disappeared. They wait for your coming after the new Empire was built.”
        “That’s absurd! Just leave me be.” Ariz refused.
        “No young highness. You think you’re a monster, but you shouldn’t. You just think you’re dangerous for you’re only afraid. You never hurt anyone, instead you will save them.” Mayne convinced as she looked at Ariz’s scarlet eyes. Then she looked at the food that Ariz had prepared, it was all vegetables. “You eat vegetables instead of feeding on meat and blood. You’re not what you think you’re now.” she said.

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