Shadow Quest

The war between the Living and death...
A war for freedom of souls and for power of monarchy. Three heroes will arise and become the chosen ones.


5. Chapter 5

        One of the warriors stood and went at the forest side… he was being called by nature. He needs to find a place where there is privacy.
        Meanwhile, Jayne had been playing with Faust… he was not caught. Gladly for Jayne, she’s been having a million words at Faust. She told him a lot of experience that she had when she was around the kingdom, she’s doing all the talking, and Faust kept on listening. Jayne paused. She sensed something. Faust opened his mouth as he glared at Jayne.
        She smiled. “I think I’m doing all the talking?” she said as she stood. “It’s very dark now, Faust. Take me home –“
        Jayne was about to finish her word, but the warrior who needs privacy earlier, saw them together. He shouted out aloud as the other soldiers rushed towards the sound. Jayne pushed Faust.
        “Run, Faust, run!” Jayne commanded as she forced him to go away.
        But Faust was disturbed. He aggressively flashed towards the witness then attempted to hit him a claw. However, Aaron dodged his claw with his blade then swayed his sword again to push him back. Aaron’s eyes turned in a manner of surprised as he saw Jayne. For a moment he put his guard down. So the monster took advantage then hit him again. He was thrown away and hit the tree.
        Finally, the warrior came in the scene. Thank goodness. They unsheathed their swords. Then with wide eyes, they expressed their surprised mode after seeing the princess.
        “He’s not a monster.” Jayne tried to convince.
        Again, with a surprising manner, they looked at her. She’s not a mute?! What’s next? They wondered. “Just what nonsense is this?!” a roaring voice made Jayne shrug. It was Lucas, the warrior’s commander. “You’re disobeying one of the rules!”
        “Does the rule say something that no one is allowed to protect a friend?!” Jayne protested.
        “Step away princess! That monster is distracting you.” Lucas called.
        “No!” Jayne insisted.
        “If you keep on disobeying me, I won’t be able to destroy that monster! And if that happened, you will end up sending away from Cypher.”
        “Then let them do it!”
        “What exactly is this?” Aaron asked himself.
        Lucas looked at his companions then signaled them to get the princess. They nodded then quickly pulled the princess away from Faust. Then the others blocked him. As Faust heard Jayne’s struggle and scream, he lost control, swaying his long large arms at the soldiers slinging them away by side to side. They could not even hit him.
        “Here! You monster!” Faust heard from behind.
        As he looked from behind, Aaron had already engraved his sword directly at Faust’s heart. If only he’s not upset about his friend, he might’ve mocked Aaron’s corpse.
        “Unhand me!” Jayne ordered as she successfully escaped from the warriors’ arms then ran towards Faust. She saw Faust slowly falling as he still fights back Aaron. “No! Enough!” she shouted as she still continued to run.
        “Stay away princess!” Aaron warned as he stabbed Faust for the last time, and that, he’s now a lying corpse.
        Aaron stood beside Faust until Jayne reached him and gave him a very strong slapped (Ouch!!) at his face then pushed him away. She knelt down at Faust.
        “Stay with me Faust.” Jayne whispered trying to speak.
        Faust’s eyes closed and stopped from breathing. He’s role now ended. Then Jayne screamed so loud that it spread all over the forest.
        “Ah…” Ariz covered her ears in pain. Still, she was at the forest of Blizzardia. After a minute, she removed her hands from her ears then gazed up. 

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