Shadow Quest

The war between the Living and death...
A war for freedom of souls and for power of monarchy. Three heroes will arise and become the chosen ones.


4. Chapter 4

        Aaron was busily cutting woods today. While he was cutting his new hacked logs, three horsemen came in the scene racing at his home. He went near and had a conversation with them.
        “Can I ask the needs of you?” he asked them.
        “Greetings young man!” they began. “We are the messengers from the kingdom of Cypher. We came here for we are in need of strong men who are brave enough to defeat our majesty’s enemy, a monster.”
        “A monster? I have never heard of such news.” Aaron wondered.
        “He had hundreds of our men killed just to satisfy his needs daily.”
        “Very interesting…” Aaron whispered. “Come, I bet it took you too much effort to travel, let us have a rest.” He offered.
        So there, Aaron welcomed them at his home and let them eat. They continued to chat about the threats and brutality of the monster at their county. His parents also listened as the conversation goes on, Aaron’s blood rises with excitement of facing the monster they are mentioning about. He wanted to estimate his strength as he listened to such story. So when it ended, Aaron stood at his seat and decided to join forces with them to defeat the monster.
        Hard to accept by his parents, they have to agree with him. So he went to travel with them and recruit more men to fight with them.
        They first went to the high citadel of Zarchan. They went in every inn to explain their reasons to gather men. Some laughed at them, some didn’t came and some, courageous enough to come aboard. After days of travel, they’ve gathered fifty men from all the four islands all over south. They’re not allowed to pass the other four chambers wherein, the territories of Blizzardians became sacred only for the outsiders, which, people believed that only if Ariz comes back, the empire will be opened again.
Back to Cypher…
        The men have returned from their journey, carrying only fifty men to fight with them, which, includes Aaron who was looking around ignorantly. Of course, it’s his first time anyway. So, he followed the men at the large hall, wide enough that the space is even too large for them. They stood there and saw the king, together with his beautiful wife and daughter.
        Well, Jayne made herself as a mute still, so, they won’t bother asking her where and when were she tended, and so that, she’ll be able to play with Faust.
        So the king stood from his throne. He unleashed his sword then showed it to his audiences.
        “Here, I dwell my prayers upon you, brave warriors who are from beyond our country. Hail your strength!” the king announced.
        Aaron noticed that the young princess was unhappy, she was so lonely. Is she a victim of that monster? He wondered as he followed the marching men whom he was with. The whole night came out so fast as the moon ripen into round and the courageous men, were all prepared with their swords shined in silver. It was given to each one of them, but Aaron claimed none. He already had one, the sword that was given to him by her mother, the queen of Zarchan.
        The search for the fiend began. All of them searched everywhere in the forest. The night came deeper as they set up a camp and rested. They fell on a deep sleep and some men, widely awake sitting in front of the campfire were so noisy having a chat.
        “I only came here for I am running away from my mouthy wife!” one of them blurted as all of them laughed.
        One man came to where Aaron was seated then patted his head. “Oh, did I just spot… a kid? What makes you join us? Oh… such I see my childhood in the olden days…” he said as they burst into laughter.
        Aaron was the only young one who joined the monster hunt, that’s why do not wonder if he’s surrounded by wrinkled men.
        “Hey, I’m not a child.” Aaron protested.
        “Worry not youngster. You can always stay behind me if you ever fear the monster.”
        “I told you I am not afraid –“
        “No need to hide such feelings, little boy.”
        Aaron stood up. “I insist your offer my old folk. I came here to defeat that monster, and nothing more nothing less.” He cleared then sat down.

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