Shadow Quest

The war between the Living and death...
A war for freedom of souls and for power of monarchy. Three heroes will arise and become the chosen ones.


3. Chapter 3

               She went elsewhere finding her way back home, north, east, west, and south. But where is she now? She was so tired and hungry. She can sense that the forest doesn’t want her to leave. Or is it? She felt the chilling mode of air as she freezes in cold as the night goes deeper. She rested under a tree, trembling as she embraces herself, and after a moment, she heard rustles.
        “God show me the way.” She prayed as she closed her eyes.
        The air moved, and a dark figure of shadow appeared in the dark midst. Mayne gasped as she saw that someone was approaching. Poor Mayne breathed heavily as she feared more. Someone stopped in front of her, it was a girl. She tried to recognize her as she stood facing her. She met a girl maybe the same age as her. This girl just gave a stare and she also stared back.
        “Uh…” Mayne broke their silence. The girl just blinked an eye as she waited for her to speak. “You’re a –are you… lost?” Mayne asked softly as    she leaped herself to stand up.
        “I am never lost.” The girl just briefly answered.
        “You know these woods?” Mayne joyously said. “God has answered my prayer? You’re here to get me out of –“
        “Why should I?” the girl broke up.
        “Because… I am lost, I… I need help.” Mayne said softly.
        “Then keep needing help, but please as you do it, don’t keep on sobbing. You’re disturbing.” The girl seriously said with a soft voice then turned back showing no interest on Mayne’s condition.
        This mysterious girl is actually the heir of Blizzardian Empire, Ariz. The last vampire and the one who will abolish the plagues that the Empire suffers, however, the resurrection took something away from her, her memories.
        “W-what’s… your name?” Mayne asked.
        Ariz stopped from walking then turned back to Mayne, “As if I have one.” She responded.
        Mayne approached Ariz and tried to hold her shoulder, but Ariz was so sensitive. She quickly stepped backward away from her then gave her a serious stare.
        “Everybody has name.” Mayne protested.
        “Well, don’t consider me.” Ariz replied.
        That was a pity. Mayne thought, but she stood firm. “Is it alright for you to take me?!” she asked in full determination.
        “Why would I?”
        If only Mayne knew the way, maybe she did not disturbed Ariz. But anyway, it happened. So Ariz took her company going towards a near cave just hidden in the dead trees. The torch lighted within a blink as Ariz entered the opening then handed over some cooked vegetables for her to eat. Actually, she can hear Mayne’s stomach grumbles (Very awkward).
        “You live here?” Mayne asked.
        “Why not?” Ariz replied.
        “You’re not afraid?”
        “Why should I fear, this cave is a blessing. And this forest is my friend.” Finally, she shared.
Mayne chuckled as she looked at Ariz.
        “What?” Ariz asked irritated
        “Nothing.” Mayne replied as she smiled.
        After eating together, Ariz accompanied Mayne back home. But she had liked Ariz. She told herself to go back again to the forest.
East hill of Zarchanian territorial kingdom…

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