Shadow Quest

The war between the Living and death...
A war for freedom of souls and for power of monarchy. Three heroes will arise and become the chosen ones.


23. Chapter 23

Robbie was trying to get Jayne into safety as he carried her. Suddenly, four men blocked their way. He quickly run through another path and saw an empty room. There, he left Jayne and went to fight back the enemies.
        Jayne woke up and saw herself alone in a room with different graves. She stood up and attempted to go back where Aaron is. Suddenly, Faust blocked her way. He raised his claw and scratched Jayne’s cheek.
        “Faust no, it’s me!” Jayne tried to remind him but he’s all different now, Faust turned completely into a monster.
        “Jayne run!” Robbie yelled as he fights when they reached the tomb. He accidentally pushed a man in front of her he was carrying poisoned arrows so she quickly grabbed it and stabbed Faust in his knee. Faust screamed in pain and waved his feet.
        “I didn’t mean to –“Jayne was about to get crushed by the monster’s foot but she rolled on the ground took the man’s bow and arrows then stretched it targeting him.
        “What are you doing? Shoot!” Robbie said as he saw Jayne having her doubt.
        “Forgive me…” Jayne said closing her eyes as she released the arrow.  She stepped backward after seeing her old friend fall. One of Robbie’s enemies grabbed her, pinning one of her hand at her back down as the arrows scattered on the ground.
        “Oh, worry not dear. He’ll come back to life again soon enough.” He said as he pinned her tightly. She tried to loose herself from his lock, but he was too strong. So Jayne used her one hand and reached one of the arrows that was near her and pierced his leg using it…
Meanwhile, both Ariz and Iris are turning weak. While Bard nearly killed Aaron, he lifted Aaron up with his magic then threw him on the wall. Then again, he break the ceiling above Aaron and buried him.
        Bard laughed as he patted his hands to remove the dirt. “Now, my job here… is done.” He smiled devilishly as he disappeared and a very outrageous laugh echoed in every tunnel in the tomb…
        “Robbie!” Jayne yelled worriedly seeing him wounded.
        “I’m alright just… go! Run don’t worry about me!” Robbie said.
        Jayne noticed a giant shadow that covered her. She turned back and saw that Faust  is completely healed…
        Iris summoned her scythe and gazed at Ariz behind her. She smiled seeing her little sister laid into the floor. “Poor thing. If only you’re like me, then you won’t be suffering like this…” she said as she slowly walked near her.
        Ariz looked up at her weakly she was paralyzed. She hardly stood up feeling all the wounds that she had. She summoned her spear again the swayed it to Iris. Iris raised her scythe then clashed it with Ariz’s spear causing for it to be thrown away. Iris again swayed her scythe piercing Ariz’s shoulder with a long stroke as she knelt down on the ground completely damaged. Then she fell unconsciously on the ground.
        Iris laughed. “See you on the underworld my sis’ling!” she said as she pointed the scythe targeting her. But suddenly, someone stabbed Iris’ back passing through her heart then came out of her chest. She looked back with her mouth dripping with blood she saw that it was Bard.
        “I have done my job, my dear.” Bard laughed.
        “You’re a… t-traitor…” Iris said as Bard pulled the sword out of Iris’ body as she fell on the ground. Iris’ wound is still healing but Bard continuously stabbed her.
        “If only you knew me better, then I would be so pleased to serve you.” Bard said still stabbing Iris. “I really want to serve your sister for she possesses a very powerful ability… but unfortunately, you found me first so I have to place my love for Ariz aside and follow you, and now is the time for my revenge –“ He suddenly paused and trembled. He dropped his sword and his hand turned into dust. “N-no! I don’t want to go back!” he said as he completely turned into dust same went to Iris…
        Jayne kept on stepping backward as Faust kept on stepping forward. Suddenly, he stopped and screamed loudly then turned into dust. The four men who fight Robbie also turned in the same fate like Faust.
        Outside the tomb, Zarchan and the others noticed that their turning into dust one by one, she smiled as she saw what happened. “He’s done it.” She said.
        Aaron succeeded to destroy the gem. Jayne and Robbie rejoiced.
        “We have to see Aaron!” Robbie said as they rushed in searching. They found Aaron lying beside Iris’ tomb. He was wounded that bad, same with Robbie. They were all covered with blood while Jayne broke her right ankle. After seconds, Aaron coughed, he was still alive.
        Aaron looked around. “Where’s Ariz…” he asked.
        Jayne and Robbie looked around too. Aaron stood up weakly. “Let’s find her.” He said then they searched. They entered another room and saw Ariz unconscious. The three rushed towards her. She was so bloody, her blood flowing on the floor. Jayne went near trying to find her pulse.
        “We have to hurry.” She said.
        Aaron nodded then carried her then the four went out of the tomb and the warriors helped them for support. They all yelled in happiness. Aaron raised his sword and the crowds became louder. The warning bell of Blizzardia’s castle sounded. Mayne ran worriedly towards the gate and saw that Aaron, Jayne and Robbie are coming. She looked around and saw no sign of Ariz.
        As she searched further, she saw a carriage. She rushed towards the three. “Where’s the young empress?” she asked.
        The three bowed their heads as Jayne tapped Mayne’s shoulder. “She’s still not awake.” Then she smiled. “But don’t you worry. I know she’ll be alright.”
        Mayne cried as she hugged Jayne. Jayne patted her head as they knelt down. “It’s okay Mayne, everything will be alright.”
        The healers came and cured the wounded warriors as well as the three Aaron, Jayne and Robbie. But Ariz still was in deep sleep, but the healers didn’t give up. They called the great priests in Blizzardia to heal Ariz, and a miracle happened thanks to God. Ariz woke up and her wounds completely closed.
        The day finally came when they have to depart with each other. Ariz felt as if she’s going to be alone again, she wanted to say it but she felt as great embarrassment if she show soft attitude.
        “Farewell, young majesty.” Robbie smiled at Ariz. “Can I umm… tell you something.” He said.
        “What is it?”
        “Actually, when Jayne found out that you were troubled by Iris, she risked her life just to break the barrier that protected the gem just for Aaron to destroy it in order to save you.” he said.
        Ariz gasped and her serious face turned tomato when she heard it. “She really… did?” she asked.
        “Well if you’re to ask her, surely she’ll be embarrassed.” Robbie cackled.
        As Robbie speaks with Ariz, Jayne went to where they are. “Just who do you think you are to let me wait?” she said.
        “Oh, I’m sorry your highness.” Robbie said as he gazed at Ariz, he first went out then Jayne was about to follow.
        “Ahem…” Ariz tamely cleared her throat. Jayne looked back to her. “By the way, I know what you did. Umm… t-t-thank you…” she said embarrassedly.
        Jayne’s hard face smoothed and felt a little ashamed. “Oh… i-it’s a-alright.” Then the two looked at each other.
        Ariz sighed. “I’m glad we all made it alive.” she said looking away. “Have a safe trip.” Then she walked going in to the castle.
        As she entered, Aaron was also going out with Zarchan and the other five. “Oh, young majesty.” He said in surprise.
        “What now?” Ariz said.
        “Well umm… I want to say goodbye and thank you.” He said smirking.
        Zarchani stepped forward and bowed at her. “Young majesty… thank you for helping all of us. I’m very glad to stay with you.”
        “It’s nothing but I think you’re right. I’m beat.” Ariz said. “Well then, farewell to you then…” she said then went in.
        Aaron scratched his head then looked at Zarchani. “What does she mean by that?” he wondered.
        Zarchani faced him. “He realized that she needs the two of you.” he said.
        “Really?” Aaron said then smirked.

        The two went back to their own kingdoms and celebrated for the fulfillment of the prophecy.

        Jayne and her parents are now together. The king and queen changed and showed their love for her, and very proud that she was one of the destined that save southern Fantasia. And also, Robbie’s reunited with Argos and now he continued to become the protector of Jayne.
        Aaron became the king of Zarchan kingdom and gave his parents a prayer of peace. He found his other parents and lived a responsible life with them and Zarchan and the others.
And Ariz lived her life as a very hard headed empress which Mayne kept on serving.
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To be Continued…

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