Shadow Quest

The war between the Living and death...
A war for freedom of souls and for power of monarchy. Three heroes will arise and become the chosen ones.


22. Chapter 22

Meanwhile, Aaron and Robbie are already in the tomb. It’s so long before they found the stairs to go under the ground and there are a lot of tunnels every direction,as they went further, they reached a shed.
        “What are we doing here? What makes you sure that Ariz was here?” Robbie asked.
        “The time that we spend finding Ariz. The more that will make her suffering longer. We have to break the magical gem that controls those corpses.” Aaron said.
        “A what!” Robbie exclaimed.
        “Just trust me!” Aaron assured.
        Robbie has no choice but to follow Aaron.
        Ariz light scarlet eyes glowed brighter as she suddenly flashed at Iris and bit her neck sucking her blood. That causes her to be weak. It was the first time that Ariz fed on blood of human. It was then that she realized that she’s starting to feel dizzy, but instead of falling, she lost control of herself, summoning her spear then continuously attacked Iris piercing her in every sway.
        She stopped and tried to hold herself back. Iris’ wound slowly healed she summoned her scythe then stabbed Ariz. That was so fast! She fell on her knees trying to catch her breath…
        As Robbie and Aaron tries to break the protection spell that covers the gem, they kept on failing. They heard sudden footsteps close by coming down and they hid themselves and waited for its approach. When Jayne reached the shed, Robbie came out and raised his sword but he stopped when he recognized that it was her.
        “What are you –“
        “I’m alright! I’m alright!” Jayne said. “Where’s Ariz?” she asked.
        “Iris got her. Now don’t stand in the way, we have to break the protection spell before that woman gets what she wants.” Aaron said.
        “Protection spell,” She murmured. As she remembered what Zarchandomi said about her ability, “Wait, I can break it!” She said.
        “Just sit there!” Aaron said.
        “I agree.” Robbie said.
        “You can’t stop me!” Jayne frowned.
        Aaron swayed his sword irritated and gazed at Jayne. “What will you do?” he said.
        “Zarchandomi told me what I can do. I can absorb that protector spell then you can destroy the gem.” Jayne responded.
        “W-w-w-w-wait what?” Robbie reacted.
        “What?” Aaron repeated.
        “And about you, are you sure you’re going to be alright?” Robbie asked.
        “Yes of course!” Jayne frowned.
        “Alright then.” Aaron said.
        “ Maybe there’s another way.” Robbie doubted.
        “Out of the way!” Jayne raised an eyebrow on Robbie as he stepped aside. Aaron just watched.
        Jayne placed her hand on the protection spell and a light glowed from it. Jayne felt warm as she absorbed the spell and it turned warmer until she felt that it became hot like fire. She screamed as she felt the burning pain but she wasn’t being burnt. After seconds, she fainted and fell on the ground. Robbie and Aaron rushed towards her.
        “Stay with me!” Robbie said as he tried to track Jayne’s pulse. He sighed in relief. “It’s alright, I got her. Now go and do what is to be done.” Robbie said to Aaron. Aaron nodded and went forward…
        “Rubbish! You know what kindness’ other meaning is?” Iris said as she slapped Ariz. “Weak!” she said engraving a dagger on Ariz.
        She removed the dagger out of her stomach as she swayed it on Iris continuously. She got Iris but only a scratch on her cheek. Ariz knelt down feeling the painful wound that opened from her belly as the blood runs down like a flowing river. She hardly stood and saw that Iris was gone. She gazed back and saw that there’s no sign of Iris anywhere. Suddenly, Iris appeared behind her as she quickly looked back. Iris’ face went close to         Ariz’s then she smiled devilishly. “Seems like you’re losing.” Then she looked back. “Where’s that hope, Blizzardia’s talking about? Where is it?!” she laughed loudly as she looked at Ariz who was covered with blood.
        “What do you mean?” Ariz said coldly.
        “Oh sis… it took us so long inside this tomb. We didn’t even noticed we have men out there.” She said.
The Blizzardian army are only few. And nobody knows if there are those three to protect them, the end is beginning to rise.
        “No!” Ariz exclaimed as she forced herself to stand up attacking Iris again with the dagger. Iris was about to vanish again but she was surprised. She can’t vanish anymore, it seems like her powers is becoming weak. Because of that, Ariz was able to stab her. Since she can’t vanish anymore, she has no choice but to fight Ariz, and that she dodged the second strike then grabbed her hand with the dagger. She summoned her spear back with her remaining strength and held it. Iris summoned her scythe and threw it through Ariz. but she ducked and hardly threw the dagger through Iris’ breast so she felt down.
        “There’s something you’re forgetting li’le sis. I already died so any minute now, I’ll be easily healed.” She warned…
        Aaron was about to break the gem, but Bard came in his block. “Oh, I’m going to get mad because of you!” Bard said raising his palm as it produces fire then threw it on Aaron. Fortunately, Aaron jumped being able to dodge Bard’s magic.
Then they fought each other…

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