Shadow Quest

The war between the Living and death...
A war for freedom of souls and for power of monarchy. Three heroes will arise and become the chosen ones.


20. Chapter 20

The morning came and the Empire of Blizzardia marched on the ground as they waited for their enemies. Now, they were facing each other.
Aaron and Ariz stood in front of the Blizzardians while Jayne and her patrols are just behind. They were the group of archers.
        Aaron went around his warriors, as he checks them all. There are some who stood firm while others tremble.
        “Have faith men! We can make those men be on our side!” Aaron said, refers to Iris’ forces. “I know we will!”
Iris came closer to Ariz who’s wearing her hood and Aaron with her horse. “There’s still time to give up.” Iris said.
        “Unless I’ll pierce your head off!” Ariz exclaimed.
        Iris gazed at their warriors and then looked back to Ariz. “Oh sis, you’re playing game.” She cackled then went back to her group. “Warriors of         two kingdoms!” she yelled at her warriors. “This day… Blizzardia will be ours.” She announced as she stares at Ariz. “Now charge!” she yelled.
        The warriors run towards the Blizzardians.
        “Charge!!!” Aaron ordered and then they also attacked.
        The archers stayed as they prepared their arrows.
        “Hold your bows!” Jayne ordered and they obeyed.
        The warriors met their aims and now bloods starting to splash. Aaron got one of their enemies. He tried to wave his sword but Aaron quickly grabbed his hand and locked him as he pins him down. The man grunts in pain and let his blade dropped. Aaron took the man’s helmet off.
        “Hey, hey, it’s alright. I’m not going to kill you.” Aaron assured as the man kept on moving to loose Aaron’s lock.
        “Oh, I wish you could kill me but you can’t. I’m already dead, we all are.” The man hardly said trying to speak.
        “W-w-w-what do you mean? I don’t understand –“Aaron was nearly stabbed but he quickly punched the man’s face very hardly which causes or him to fall. Then Aaron looked back to the man he was talking.
        “You can’t do anything. You can’t kill us!” he said.
        “I can see you dying!” Aaron frowned. “I mean, I can see some of you dying.”
        “Why don’t you observe first?” the man said.
        Aaron looked around wondering and saw that their enemies who died a moment ago were coming back to life.
        “Wait, we can still talk about this. I know you’re a good man. Just command your men to be on our side.” Aaron begged as the war is still on going.
        “I can’t. Nobody can.” The man shook his head and left Aaron.
        “No, no, no wait.” Aaron called as he tried to hold his shoulder but the man turned at him, so instead of his shoulder, his face was held on. Then there a light again that came out of his palm. The man’s eyes widened and he turned into fire (it only means that he went in hell).
Aaron looked around and saw other familiar men he was close to when he was still in Zarchan. He also saw some of the Blizzardian men being terrorized by their enemies. A man being terrorized by more than three men and couldn’t do anything to defend himself.
        Ariz saw her forces dying as she fights some of the Cypherians. “No! Stand up you cowards!” she was trying to stop her tears. She became angrier, her eyes turned light again then her spear glowed as she sees the spirit color and stroke in each one of it as all of them turned into fire. More enemies approached Ariz and attacked her.
        “Such a waste of strength.” Iris convinced as she appeared behind Ariz.
        “How could you done such actions?” Ariz said in anger losing her control and quickly swayed her spear attempting to cut Iris’ head. Suddenly, she disappeared and appeared behind Ariz.
        “I told you. it’s just a waste of strength.” Iris said as she turns back to Ariz. “Now my little sister, I’m giving you chance. Retreat and give up.” She seriously said.
        “And what, you’ll let us live in slavery, in pain?” Ariz insisted.
        “Of course not for you” Iris said. “Come on, we’re sisters.” She lied.
        “You’re no sister for me. My sister has been long gone when she was devoured by darkness.” Ariz said…
        “Prepare to shoot!” Jayne ordered and all of them raised their bows, stretching it with arrows. Take your aim!” she yelled. “Now all of them are ready. Jayne waited for a moment to release an arrow pointing it up. “Shoot!!!” she finally announce as they all released their arrows. But it was all useless.
        “This can’t be!” Jayne gasped.
         And now, some enemies are already running towards her patrol. The Cypherians and Zarchanians looked like they’re not themselves anymore.        They won’t stop from attacking so Jayne’s only choice was to fight back. The archeries also continued to fight back releasing their arrows continuously, but nothing still happened. They all were seen stabbed but all of it was nothing until it reached some of the archers.
        “How could this be?” she breathed heavily.
        Suddenly, as Jayne keeps on shooting she saw a very familiar figure. As she look closer, she finally recognized the large structure, it was Faust, he was killing her companions. It’s like the world slowed for Jayne. “F-Faust…” she said in surprise.

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