Shadow Quest

The war between the Living and death...
A war for freedom of souls and for power of monarchy. Three heroes will arise and become the chosen ones.


2. Chapter 2

     13 years ago…
                A new lovely child was born. Hail for the new born princess! But alas, years passed and a traitor started to summon the strongest sorcerer the Empire Blizzardia had ever known. This traitor was Iris. She was selfish for she only wants the throne for herself. She was the half-sister of Ariz, the newly birthed child. The mother of Iris was the first empress, Empress Laura, while Ariz’s mother was the new empress, Empress Aira, a vampire princess. She was lovely, so lovely that the Emperor can’t help himself from her temp. So when the old empress, Laura had passed away, he married Aira within just a month…
Ariz celebrates her seventh of birth, a terrible woe have spread to such beloved country.Bard, the greatest sorcerer stabbed Ariz without any doubt.
After seeing her lifeless child, Aira felt her maternal love fades away as she started to cry hardly filling her heart with anger, she roared summoning the storms and thunders. The bell started to clung in warning, as the citizen prepared themselves for the incoming tragedy.
                The soldiers gathered for patrols and to guard their kingdom. Some went to close the entrance bridges and the gates. They knew the killer was still inside, but even if they closed the gates and bridges, it did not help. Empress Aira prepared herself for revenge, she looked elsewhere for Bard.
However, she found nothing. Bard’s laugh echoed all over the place as she went back to her daughter’s lying corpse, hoping that she was still breathing. She fell back to her knees after she saw that no more chance for her to survive such wide stab. Suddenly, someone stabbed Aira behind. It was Iris. She twisted the dagger that she implanted at the Empress as she felt more pain, and that, the blood splashed continually. She completely lost her strength and then she fell on the floor.
                The late storm started to fall, cleaning Aira’s bloody body until her dress was soaked with rain water. Iris hacked Aira’s head for her not to be able to resurrect again.
                So then, Iris won. She was able take away two lives at the same night. But there was a witness who saw everything that happened, though this person ran away from the kingdom, a young slave girl. After a week, the Emperor have returned back to his home land and learned the worst news he had ever heard. His wife and last daughter have passed away without knowing that Iris was the one who did it. With too much depression and love for his lost love ones, he died just a month after Aira and Ariz’s death.
                Iris became the new Empress. However, the following days that she had ruled over Blizzardia, the empire became drowned in plagues and that the citizen made a move against the new Empress. After that, the priests have a vision that an old grieve will return and that the things that Iris suffers right now will perish away, and Ariz was the only solution, and that, the news spread along the whole empire, they believed that it will surely be happening. With Iris’ Anger, she ablaze the whole Empire and killed the citizens, but someone still survived and rebuilt their precious country and waited for the heir’s resurrection.
                7 years later…
                Oh, what a bad day! Here’s Jones again knocking at their door outside losing strength. He loses again from gambling. Then there again, afat woman opened the door and knew it was Jones who was knocking earlier. She was Mrs. Hunts.  She is the worst of the worse wives that husbands would ever encounter, a fat, talkative, wrinkled, old woman that makes the law of the house alone.
                As Mayne prepared for the couples’ dinner, the two are debating again, the higher the voice, the more you’ll under your debate mate. Mrs. Hunts again roared like a mountain woman who talks like an animal. Mayne acts as their maid, slaves particularly. She doesn’t have any parents and was an old slave of the great empire. She’s a lovely young girl and also very kind.
                So these irritating couples continued their stupid talks. Mayne just cooked food for them to throw with each other and waste it like a trash, insulting! Mayne was starving, and what they’re doing is so annoying for they didn’t even thought of Mayne who haven’t ate anything for day. The poor Mayne went out quietly and complained for the first time. Now she can hear her stomach grumbles as it searches for food. She walked nonstop and without any notice, Mayne is now in the dark forest and not in town anymore.

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