Shadow Quest

The war between the Living and death...
A war for freedom of souls and for power of monarchy. Three heroes will arise and become the chosen ones.


19. Chapter 19

While he was walking, the wind blew faster and Aaron felt his bone shrugs and suddenly, a warrior came out from behind him. Raising his sword ready to cut Aaron’s head, but as he attempted to attack him, Aaron clashed it with his sword quickly. As he looked at him, he was covered with blood. Aaron’s eyes widen.
        “You’re damned?!” he asked in surprise.
        “H-help… m-me…” the man said as he gurgle his blood.
        “What?” Aaron asked puzzled. “What happened to you?” he asked as he sheathed back his sword.
        The man fell into the ground as he catches his breath. Aaron quickly knelt down then held on his shoulder. “Hold on!” he said as he confusedly finds a way to stop his bleed.
        “Y-you… m-m-must… f-f…”
        “What is it?”
        “F-free… u-u-us… h…”
        “What should I do?”
        The man held on Aaron’s hand as he shivers on moving. He then placed it on his forehead then a light started to shine in Aaron’s palm. The man smiled as he faced the light. “I can see the heavens…” he said as he closed his eyes and accepted his death.
        “Wait!” Aaron called but it was too late.
        As Aaron finally found out his real ability, he thanked the man then carried him back to the camp. He placed him down at the same time Zarchan came out of her camp and saw Aaron digging up a hole. As she went closer, she saw a dead man. She knelt down then her tears dropped down. He noticed her reaction then quickly approached her.
        “What’s wrong?” he asked worriedly.
        Zarchan held onto the dead corpse’s hand then she seized it. “He’s found you.” she said smiling but still her tears are dropping down. “He’s… he’s…”
        “Calm yourself Zarchan, what is it? Why do you cry?” Aaron asked.
        “He’s… he’s the one who owns that power you possess. He’s the great majesty, your father!” Zarchan blurted as she happily hugged Aaron. “He’s found you!”
        Aaron’s eyes widened as he looked at the corpse. “M-my… f-father…” Zarchan unhand him as he held on his father’s hands. “For all these years, I’ve been thinking, what is it you look like? O-or… why is it that you are not with me…” Aaron’s face lowered. “Why did you come back like this? Why did you die? Why –“
        “Shh… don’t be angry at his majesty for he already had his life lost eighteen years ago, just to save you from harm.” Zarchan said, tapping Aaron’s shoulder. “You’re the light that saved him from darkness… you should be proud for he found his light through you.”
        “I wish I could say it like that…” Aaron said…
        Aaron already found out their true power. But still, Jayne and Ariz have to find out their own abilities too.
Jayne was sitting at her camp site then Zarchandomi approached her.
        “Can’t sleep are we?” he asked.
        “Seems like I’ve gotten used to it?” Jayne responded.
        “Child?” Zarchandomi said as he sat beside her.
        “I know you’ll win, we will.”
        “What makes you so sure?”
        “We have the three of you protector, enlightener and the empress.”
        “Why yes.”
        “What do you mean?”
        “What… what I mean? No one told you about your power?” Zarchandomi asked in surprise.”
        “That’s nonsense!”
        “You should know it.”
        “Let me know.” Jayne frowned.
        “The word is the same as you think what it really means. You protect everyone by thinking… but you mustn’t overuse it for if you do, you will not be able to protect the people that surround you.”
        Jayne turned quiet. “By thinking…” She said to her mind over and over again until she understands…
        The night went deeper as Ariz sat above a tree. She looked at the tomb side vividly then sighed. Suddenly, Zarchani approached then sat beside her. “You should not stay here.” He said as he gazes in front.
        “Why not, it’s too far from the tomb?” Ariz said in protest.
        “I’m just worried that they might catch you –“
        “You worry too much. As I told you, I am not easily be stabbed like those two.” Ariz was pointing at Aaron and Jayne.
        “You maybe are right. But you have yet to know your own ability, and as an empress you should learn how to be wise with your own people.” Zarchani advised.
        “Such words won’t work on me. What I know is that, I am stronger than those two.” Then Ariz hopped down the tree and ran away from Zarchani…
        Iris saw the number of their enemy as she uses her power. She smiles devilishly. “Why fight back sister? Why not give up?” she murmured.
        “That’s funny!” Bard said as he appeared behind her.
        “Didn’t you see? There are only –“
        “I saw, my beautiful lady. You should be thankful I’m with you.”
        “What? You never thanked me!”
        Iris rolled her eyes and left Bard.
        “Well, you’re right not to thank me dear. It is I who’s going to thank you.” Bard murmured and chuckled devilishly…

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