Shadow Quest

The war between the Living and death...
A war for freedom of souls and for power of monarchy. Three heroes will arise and become the chosen ones.


18. Chapter 18

Sunrise is beginning. Then there, went on every homes and other city that owns by Blizzardia to gather men. The crisis will soon begin and all of them marched out of the gate to protect the empire.
        “Son, we’re going to pray for you. We love you!” a mother farewells to her son. She was together with the other families.
        Aaron, Jayne and Ariz saw that. They all were standing without moving. It’s only their eyes. They were very quiet as they watched this mother and son drama. Ariz couldn’t blink as she looked at them hugging each other. Jayne looked down then bit her lower lip. Aaron gulped deeply.        Suddenly, he noticed their reactions. He gazed at the two then grinned teasingly.
        “What was that?” he disturbed.
        Finally, Ariz blinked and Jayne regained her energy back again.
        “What?” Jayne said as she blinked embarrassedly.
        “Why is it that my instincts sensed that you also felt the same?” Ariz said raising an eyebrow.
        Aaron suddenly felt embarrassment. “C-come on… we, we, we need to k-keep going.” He said refusing Ariz’s stare and then he walked away.
After the men that have been gathered are all aligned, Aaron stood in front of them giving them instructions. Then after that, his face turned serious.
        “Strong men of Blizzardia, I know you have lost someone you loved and some are because of Iris. Men, we have to move. We can’t just let them kill our raise and use us like puppets. Let the victory be ours!” Aaron announced, and that, they already started their defenses.
        Now, Ariz wore her cloak then leaped herself up to a warrior horse summoning her spear. Jayne also prepared her defense with her weapon called Faust. Well, same through with Aaron. He boldly stepped out of the gate with the sword of Lazo. He looked at the warriors and acknowledged their bravery, seeing them determined to fight against almost trice their number. He unleashed his sword then raised it as the blade shone by the sun’s ray.
        “For Blizzardia!” he shouted.
        “For Blizzardia!!!” The warriors also unleashed their swords then raised it repeating Aaron.
        “For Cypher!”
        “For Cypher!!!”
        “And for Zarchan!”
        “For Zarchan!!!”
        “Strong men, tomorrow… Tomorrow the war gate will be unlocked, and we will owe victory!!!” Aaron announced.
        Ariz rode her horse near Aaron. She stared at him seriously (As always) then sighed. “Make sure not to hold back.” She said.
        Aaron smirked. “Yes, young Empress.” He said bowing down to Ariz with movements of teas.
        With that mode of teas that Aaron did, all of them bowed down at her, and now, with pure loyalty. Ariz felt a bit embarrassment so she rode on and all of them followed her lead. The other knight rode with their horses, and the others marched following them.
The sunset had occurred when they reached Athore. Athore was a dead city just beside a tomb. The space of it was wide enough for millions of people to fit in. they stopped at the near forest and that, they camped there to rest.
        Ariz went on the top of a big rock in the forest. She looked straight in the yonder other mountain and saw a very large group of warriors just beside the tomb. Surely they are the force of Iris and Bard. But as she looked more observant, she noticed that the warriors have no spirits that     keeps them alive all of them.
        “Great, we have a dead war.” She shook her head and get down of the rock going towards his people. “There are million lifeless men out there.”      Ariz said.
        “You saw?” Zarchan asked.
        “Why would I say it if I did not?” Ariz replied.
        “Million?!” Jayne exclaimed.
        “I mean ten times more that our number.” Ariz said.
        “Now, now, we need no number of warriors. We need only confidence.” Zarchano said.
        The night came and still, Aaron can’t sleep. As he leaned on the stone side, he heard a scratch. He prepared his sword and then someone come out in the dark. As he was about to unsheathe his sword, Zarchan came out.
        “It’s me.” she said.
        “Can’t you sleep?” Aaron asked as she put his sword back to its sheath.
        “No, it’s you who can’t sleep.” Zarchan said as she sat beside him. “Is something bothering you?”
        Aaron sighed and looked down. “None.” he said.
        “I can’t see any sign of that.” Zarchan said.
        “It’s just that when you came, my life was now complicated.”
        “What do you mean?”
        “You came in and said… that I am a son of a king and queen, heir, prince, whatsoever. And now I’m on a war with an archer and a vampire.” He said.
        “I am sorry.” Zarchan apologized and felt upset. “But this is your destiny.”
        “Destiny? My parents died. That’s my destiny. The people I love being taken from me and people who abandoned me coming in after eighteen years.” He said.
        Zarchan lowered her head and felt more upset. Aaron gazed at her and noticed her expression. “I’m sorry.” He said lowering his voice.
        “No it’s alright. You really need to let it out.” Zarchan said. “But please, don’t let your parents die for nothing.” She reminded.
        Aaron didn’t answer. Zarchan stood up then tapped his shoulder smiling at him sweetly then left him thinking. He went to another space in the forest and think about his parents. What do they look like, or how do they act like. It was all in his thoughts.

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