Shadow Quest

The war between the Living and death...
A war for freedom of souls and for power of monarchy. Three heroes will arise and become the chosen ones.


16. Chapter 16

Zarchan remained quiet as she removed her cloak. She’s as pretty as a nymph her hair is as blonde as a light and her eyes so calm and attractive.         Aaron stared at her as Ariz elbowed him, so strong that he felt pain. “What now?” he asked.
         “My spacing went to you.” Ariz replied.
        “Oh.” Aaron said as he bowed his head low.
        Ariz faced Zarchan. “So what now, I guess that arrow head don’t like it. And most of all, I don’t like it either.” She said then left.
        Aaron just opened his arms then also left. Zarchan followed him. “The war gate is being forced to open. And the world lies into your hands.” Zarchan was trying to convince Aaron.
        “Why us? There are so many people out there powerful than us.” Aaron frowned.
        “The magical era have ended when you were born, no more powerful magician could undergo the flow of the real prophecy. But the three of you, you’re the only gifted people who could stand up against the purity of evil. That ability that’s been inside your heart can make those people free from hell. And those other people out there…” Zarchan shook her head. “They have nothing to do with this. Them?All of them are innocent. –“
        “So you’re saying that it is all… our fault?” Aaron broke up.
        “You have a part of its abolishment. Thousands of years passed when a part of your bloodlines succeeded to stood up against the demonic presence.”
        “Nonsense.” Aaron said then continued to walk.
        “A-alright!” Zarchan said as she blinked an eye like her tears are ready to flow. “Let those innocent people die! Let the darkness contaminate this world and that war will happen everyday… and… never ending. Goodness, do you have family who took care of you? Friends?” Zarchan tried to give him guilt as she shook her head.
        Aaron stopped as he was reminded about his parents who died in Zarchan. Then he continued to walk…
        Jayne was having a self-conversation. She walks around with irritation. “Why would that childish, silly… hmm…” she said as she trembles in anger. “I shouldn’t be here!” she frowned.
        While Jayne complains with herself, Ariz too was crazier. Her blanket was ripped off into pieces, her bed was displaced in half, her wall was full of scratches and her closet was filled with cracks. “How dare that filt-mouthed arrow-head woman called me childish! I hate her!” she said as she continues breaking things. “She’s so… so… urgh!” then she scratch her head. “I will never team up with her. Never and ever would I team up with that woman!”
        After she had completely destroyed her rooms, one of the imperial slaves came in with a basket filled with fruits. With her being surprised, the basket fell on the ground and the fruits scattered all over the ground.
        “Great chambers! What have you done young majesty, your rooms has gone through war!” the slave exclaimed.
        Ariz glared at her fiercely. The slave’s eyes widen in fear. She bowed then flashed away from the room. Ariz followed her with her gaze then she sighed. “Geez… another day destroyer…” She whispered as she went to her balcony…
        Zarchan and her companions were so upset. They all are losing hope.
        Aaron sat on his bed with a deep sigh. He can’t forget what Zarchan said. Yes, he has families that he loved and loved him the same. Zarchan was also right. There are people who need help. Now, Aaron had decided. He stood up and went back to where Zarchan is.
        As Zarchan and the others are feeling their sorrow, Aaron came standing firm in front of them.
“I’m in.” he finally said.
        Zarchan smiled as she approached Aaron and hugged him tight. “I know you’ll win.” She said as she loosed her hug.
“We still have to convince the two.” Aaron said.
        “Zarchani’s doing his job on the empress.” Zarchano announced…
        Ariz still gazes at her balcony. She tried to relax herself as she breathed heavily then closed her eyes. She then again opened her eyes and watched the mountains vividly. She looked back then saw Zarchani standing silently. She just stared at him then sighed.
        “I already have told you. I am not to join such crazy team up.” She said as she rolled her eyes.
        “Our heir didn’t like it too. But he wanted to protect Fantasia in order to protect those whom he loves.” Zarchani went near and tapped Ariz’s shoulder.
        Ariz looked down then shook her head. “He’s completely different from me. I have no one to fight for, they’re all dead.” She said as she shut her eyes.
        “But your people loved you with all their hearts. Don’t you feel the same for them?” Zarchani said as he tightened his hold at her shoulder.
Ariz felt as if she was in guilt. Zarchani’s trying to give her conscience and it worked so successful. She wants to feel pity, but it wasn’t her if she does. She inserted to her mind long time ago that humans are nothing but looks, they only looked at people on what they think they really are, but never will they want to know what they are inside. Humans are full of gossips, they destroys someone when they are looking back, but they smiles fake at you when you looked at them. They were all lies, they’re nothing but snakes covered with human skins. Ariz already knew that her own people feared her when she walks in front of them, even if they show her overwhelming smiles, she can sense that they see her as monster like every different creatures in Fantasia.
        She gazed fiercely at Zarchani. “Stop saying lies. They only accepted me because I’m their Emperor and Empress’ daughter. But they will never accept me wholeheartedly.” She still insists.
        “How about that girl, that girl who you always insists?” Zarchani was pointing to Mayne. “Don’t you see how true her loyalty to you is? She could even dodge the things that might hit you, even if her life will be the cost.”
        Ariz gazed straight at Zarchani’s eyes. She tried to hold his eyes, but she just couldn’t. His words are more powerful than her insistence, but she stood still.
        “Even if you insist many times, you will soon understand why heroes are born. And one of them is you, and the two royal bloods who have been with you. Is it what you wish? To see your own people die in nothingness because of a transmigrated woman?” Zarchani said. “Or is it you wish to be destroyed easily within just a blink by a dead person that will take over your own empire?”
        Finally! Zarchani got the right option. Ariz was insulted by what he said. That she will be killed by a ‘dead person within a blink’. It’s really a mockery if she will be. Remember, she was full of pride.
        Ariz looked away then crossed her arms. “I’m in.” she said and gaze back at him again. “But don’t think that I joined because I want to save those people. I only accepted it for I want to prove you that no dead corpse can break me. And… remove that hand of yours. My shoulder aches because of your tight grip” she embarrassedly said.
        Zarchani quickly removed his hand from Ariz’s shoulder then smiled lightly. “Thank you, young empress. I’ll pray for your victory.” He said still smiling at her…

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