Shadow Quest

The war between the Living and death...
A war for freedom of souls and for power of monarchy. Three heroes will arise and become the chosen ones.


13. Chapter 13

Ariz woke up dizzily. At first, she can’t see clearly but as she tries to blink several times, she was able to see clearer. The door suddenly opened.         The dark room was illuminated by the light from the outside. A figure of woman approached Ariz boldly as her waist moved like a waving snake.
        “It’s been quite a long time since I last see you, little sister.” Iris’ face slowly showed itself.
        Ariz tried to stand as her knees starts shaking. “Who are you? I never saw you in my whole life!” she said as her voice shake.
        Iris suddenly chuckled. “Is it? Oh, did Bard also struck your head? Or is it that you wished to forget everything that happened?” she asked.
        “Who… who are you? What are you… talking about?!” Ariz said confused.
        “Oh… how adorable to see you with that expression. The expression of an animal, who fears their masters.” She insulted. “Bard’s biggest mistake is that he didn’t cut your head.”
        “Not if I do it first!” Ariz remarked as she summoned her spear rushing towards Iris.
        Iris smiled devilishly as she raised one hand and a sudden scythe came out of swirling black cloud. Ariz swayed her spear with a forceful blow, but Iris dodges it very easily. Again she swayed on the other side as Iris turned around gracefully like a dancing bird in the air. When Ariz found and    opening to cut Iris, she disappeared in the black midst. Then she appeared behind her.
        “Die you filty fang!” she exclaimed then struck her back.
        Ariz’s eyes were closed as she heard a sudden impact of metal. With her surprise, her eyes flew open and saw two images of men, it is the back side of Aaron and, well… she don’t know him but he was Robbie. They were deflecting the scythe of Iris for her. She stood quickly then caught glimpse of Jayne behind the curtains on the other side, ready to engage her bow string as she concentrated the arrow at Iris. She know that Iris already knew what Jayne will do, but she kept watch for she noticed a strange light that surrounded her weapon.
        She snapped from watching. “The archer of Devil!” she whispered as she remained frozen like a statue.
Jayne let the string go as the arrow flashed at Iris. Iris looked at her direction as she disappeared in black smoke. But she came back again, causing for her to get scratched by the shoulder.
        Ariz again felt headache as she visualized another vision. She saw that she and Iris are playing as Iris runs they reached the main garden and saw that the roses have bloomed.
        With Iris’ excitement, she picked one of the flowers and she was accidentally scratched. Her eyes turned wide as she acted aggressively, as if she was possessed and almost killed Ariz as she seized her neck with her bare hands when they were young. Ariz snapped from her daydream as she engage a large amount of snow at Iris’ eyes. Then she pulled both Aaron and Robbie’s back hair as they ran away and Jayne joined the marathon. As they ran continuous at the hallway, Jayne stopped.
        “Wait!” she called as Ariz stopped and let go of the two men’s hair then they lost balanced and fell on the ground.
Ariz turned at Jayne’s direction. “What now?” she asked irritated.
        “Here…” she said pointing on the wall. “Let’s pass here.”
        “What?” Ariz exclaimed as she raised an eyebrow. “We’re not ghost.”
        “N-no, that’s not what I meant.” Jayne cleared out then pressed a palm on the wall. Suddenly, a secret passage was opened. “I used to pass here if         I sneaked out from the kingdom’s territory.” Then she entered.
        Well, they have no choice. If they use the hallway, there would be hundreds of soldiers that will welcome them out. And it’s Jayne’s kingdom, she knows every detail of the castle that will help them. So, they walk at the dark tunnel with only one torch illuminating the way.
        Ariz stared at Jayne’s weapon then looked at Jayne. She studied her spirit, but she really had a hard time. In the law of vampires, human’s spirit can be seen if they fed on their bloods or if they are a low believers. The more vampire feds on them, the clearer they see the things that are forbidden to see, like the old memories, their future, and their death.
        Jayne noticed her weird presence. She stopped and looked at Ariz. Ariz glared at her as she turned to her bow. “What is it?” she asked her.
        “Throw that thing.” Ariz ordered, pointing at her weapon.
        “Are you mad?! No way!” Jayne exclaimed as she continued to walk.
        Ariz blocked her as she summoned her spear. “Drop it. Now…” She commanded again.
        “I said no didn’t I?!”
        “Have you ever wondered why that thing glowed earlier?”
        Jayne’s eyes turned wide. “It what?” she asked puzzled.
        “I didn’t see any glow…” Robbie wondered.
        “Maybe that’s her eyes are for?” Aaron guessed.
        Ariz sighed as she lowered her shoulders. “Where did you get that?” she asked.
        “I got it from Faust, and so I called it Faust itself.” Jayne replied as she stared at her weapon.
        “I sense demonic presence from it. Throw it or else it might devour you.”
        Jayne glared at her irritated. “This is the only thing left… the only thing that I’ve ever had…” then her eyes turned furious. “And you dare order me to throw it away and think that it’s nothing?!” she said as she walked away again.
        Ariz just stared at her as she felt that her shoulder was being tapped. She looked at who it was and saw that it was Aaron. “I know you care for her. But let her be if that’s what she wants, and don’t be so high tempered.” He advised. But she ignored him then followed Jayne. Then they reached the outside territory and went back to the empire.

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