Shadow Quest

The war between the Living and death...
A war for freedom of souls and for power of monarchy. Three heroes will arise and become the chosen ones.


12. chapter 12

Aaron still was in search (Oh, poor thing.). He looks around looking everywhere for Jayne as a young lady passed by with her basket filled with food. Aaron grabbed one of it and bit it hungrily, still chewing as he still searches around.
        “Hey!” the young girl exclaimed.
        “Ah! Have mercy on me. I’m starving!” Aaron said still looking around.
        “Can’t you ask first?!” the girl scolded.
        Aaron looked at the young girl then smiled. “Oh, I’ve got my lesson. From now on, I’ll ask first.” Then he smirked. “Can I have another?”
        “Just get out of the way!” the girl pushed him and then ran.
        Aaron continued searching as he wandered the whole city, but he didn’t stop. As he entered a crowdless space, a woman appeared behind her.         “Have you lost something?” A lady softly asked with a very bright smile. Aaron looked at her. “Or someone?” she ended.
        Aaron stopped from looking around and stared at the lady. “Have we met… before?” he asked in wonder.
The lady just chuckled.
        “Oh… um… yes, I am looking for someone.” Aaron said as he scratched his head.
        The woman looked back. “Come. You might need my help, I’m sure you’re not familiar in here?” she said…
        After Jayne told Robbie about what happened to her, she asked him about her parents.
        Robbie cleared his throat before speaking. Then he looked straight at Jayne’s eyes. “Actually… they vanished after it was announced that somebody is now the new queen of the kingdom.” He said.
        “Queen? Who is she?”
        “Well, we have never met her. But according to the knights, she was a witch and they call her… Iris, if I could recall.”
        “Iris!” Jayne frowned as she thought of Ariz’s history. “I have to face her!”
        Robbie chuckled insultingly to Jayne. “Are you mad?” he said still holding his laugh.
        “I’m going to grind her into pieces!” she heavily spoke.
        “Ah, you really are!” Robbie said.
        Suddenly, the door slammed open as Robbie’s father came in, he is Argos. He was breathing heavily as he approached the Jayne. “You’re not alone?” he frowned asking Jayne.
        “I’m alone.” Jayne responded.
        Argos sat down as he still raced with his breath. “This couldn’t be.” He sighed.
        “What do you mean? Why do you ask if I have an acquaintance?” Jayne asked.
        “The new empress of Blizzardia, Ariz was in great danger.” He said.
        “Ariz?” Jayne repeated. “That childish brat followed me.” she said then looked at Argos. “What about Ariz?”
        “She’s the hope the southern are waiting for. The only left kind who can withstand against her own sister. A wizard was on her way. Powerful   wizard I say.” Argos explained.
        Jayne stood. “We have to save Ariz.” She said.
        “You heard her Robbie.” Argos said.
        “Yes, I heard her, and what?” Robbie opened his arms and raised his eyebrow…
        While Aaron follows the lady, he felt something he had never felt before. He felt like he was approaching a great danger. Without knowing Aaron ran away from the lady, he went and searched to find Ariz, but he failed.
        Jayne stopped from rushing. She saw Aaron in the city and Robbie also took glimpse of Aaron. “You know him?” he asked.
        Jayne shook her head. “No.” and then they continued to walk.
        Finally, Aaron found Jayne. He chases her, but as he tried to reach her, people keep on blocking him. Robbie looked back and saw that Aaron follows them. He paused as Jayne turned to him. “What is it Robbie –“
        “Hey!” Aaron finally caught up with her. He went in front catching his breath. “Where have you been? Ariz and I seeks everywhere for you.”
Robbie raised an eyebrow. “I thought you don’t know –“
        “Okay fine, I denied him.” Jayne admitted.
Aaron stood firmly now. He glanced at Robbie then to Jayne. “Let’s go find Ariz.” He said.
        “We already know where her majesty is.” Robbie interrupted.
        “And where might she be?” Aaron asked.
        “She’s to be killed by Iris.”
        “What?!” Aaron’s eyes widened.
        Jayne pulled Aaron’s sleeves as she did the same with Robbie. “If we won’t hurry to save that childish Empress, there’s a great possibility that she will die.” She said as she rushed going to the castle.

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