Shadow Quest

The war between the Living and death...
A war for freedom of souls and for power of monarchy. Three heroes will arise and become the chosen ones.


11. chapter 11

Ariz and Aaron tracked Jayne until they reached the big rock where she hides earlier. “She stopped here.” Ariz said as she studied the tracks.
        “Great Zarchans! She went back to the castle!” Aaron said.
        “Geez… she’s a great headache.” Ariz sighed.
        The two stayed behind the rock hiding themselves as they waited for a moment. They waited till the gate opens and that they took the opportunity to get in…
        Jayne asked anyone about Robbie still covering her face inside her hood, until she found the place where Robbie and his father lives.
        Meanwhile, Ariz and Aaron are now searching for her in the city. Ariz felt a little bit pain because of the sun rays, but she tried to ignore it as she covers her entire body with double cloak…
        Jayne knocked at the door and after seconds the door opened. And there, a young man appeared (He’s cute for Jayne.). He must be Robbie. Jayne thought, as the young man tried to recognize her.
        “A-are you… Robbie?” Jayne asked.
        “Right, may I know what is it you need?” Robbie wondered.
        “Can we speak inside? Someone might catch me here.” She said as she looked left and right.
        “Oh, I don’t trust anyone whose hiding.” Robbie straightly said with his eyebrow signing up and down (Cute for Jayne again.).
        “I’m the princess.” Jayne said as she showed him her face.
        Robbie stared at Jayne, and at last he let her in. “Because you have a not harming face, but once you do something unlikely, you’ll die.” Robbie said as Jayne sighed…
        Ariz was now observing, as well as Aaron. They went there, here and everywhere, but not any single smell or hair of Jayne was found.
        “Let’s separate.” Aaron suggested.
        “Great idea.” Ariz responded, as they departed.
        Ariz believed that Jayne was inside the castle looking for the queen and king. So she went in, while Aaron stayed in town to search there for Jayne.
        Ariz went inside the gate as she looked left and right observingly. “You crazy arrow-head! Where have you gone to?” she murmured as she continued to walk.
        “Halt!” one of the guards ordered. Ariz stopped as if her shoe was stuck on the ground. “Reveal yourself!!” then he pointed the arrow to her.
Ariz slowly faced him. As she looked the guard, he unleashes his arrow. But when it reaches Ariz, she disappeared and that, her cloak was the only one that was shot. He looked around, but she’s nowhere to be seen. Suddenly, she appeared behind him then she ripped his head off. Ariz wore her cloak back as she boldly wondered inside the castle, until she reached the keep.
        “Oh, look how you’ve grown!” Ariz heard from behind. She turned to where the voice is from, and saw a man standing. “It’s really nice to see you again, my precious princess. Oh, you really have grown so beautiful.” Bard said.
        That’s right. He is indeed Bard, the one who killed Ariz, and also the old attendant of Iris. He came back to man from ashes,so strong and averaged man. Just like the past seven years.
        “Who are you?” Ariz asked as she sharply looked at Bard.
        Bard chuckled as he approached the empress. “Have you not remembered me? I am your old playmate, the one who spread your blood along the balcony. What a pity.” He said as he looked at her. “Never mind that, it’s much better if you’ll know me in person. It is I, Bard, the great mighty and powerful wizard.” He said.
        Ariz felt headache as she saw a vision of Bard, holding a dagger and stroke her heart. Her eyes widened as she stepped backward as she stared fearfully in his eyes.
        “Oh princess, you looked beautiful with that fearful glance. I wish I could see it over and over again.” Bard laughed devilishly.
        “Begone!” Ariz yelled as she summoned her spear attempting to cut Bard’s head. But he disappeared and then appeared behind her, his hand raised as he cast a spell at her. She then felt her body turning numb as her spear disappeared.
        “Follow me, young one. I’m so sure your sister would be so glad to see you again.” Bard’s evil laugh echoed all over the place as they disappear in the air

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