Shadow Quest

The war between the Living and death...
A war for freedom of souls and for power of monarchy. Three heroes will arise and become the chosen ones.


10. Chapter 10

At the cave, Mayne sighed as she stood up looking at Jayne then went to Ariz. “You have to rule Blizzardia.” She said.
        “It’s too complicated. I don’t know what to do…”
        “Thousands of people are waiting for you. Those who survived in the burning of the old kingdom for seven years I’ve been –no, we’re all waiting for you to come back.” Mayne convinced her.
        “I can’t even go out without any cloak covering me in the morning, and you want me to rule over a country. And also, I have chosen to be alone.” Ariz said as she looked down at her hands.
        “Why do you think yourself useless? We won’t know what you can do if you don’t try, right? And think of it. The Southern Fantasia will be       devoured by darkness if we won’t move.” Jayne interrupted.
        It is true, Ariz should do something now. She stood up and nodded. “I’ll do it.” She said.
        So, the group decided to go at Blizzardia and introduce Ariz. Of course, the Blizzardian people doubted her. They didn’t believe her, but when they saw her Vampire appearance and they also saw Mayne, who was her most trusted servant, people started to rejoice. Their fear-filled hearts was now enchanted, showered by new spring of hope. And there, the three of them are together. Mayne could ever rejoice no more. But, they’re not that close.
        As Aaron wondered around, he saw Jayne alone in the balcony. He approached her. “Worried?” He asked.
        “I wonder what my… father and… I mean, the king and queen are doing now.” She said softly.
        “Just in the same situation,” Aaron responded.
        “Are you? What a surprise!” Jayne looked at Aaron. “You’re a murderer.” She frowned as she started to walk away from him…
        The door opened and Ariz doubted to go out to the isle. After thinking, she again closed the door and didn’t go back. “Are you sure of this?” Ariz asked Mayne as she points at her beautiful royal dress.
        “Your highness, it looks lovely!” Mayne proudly said. “Today is your day, the day that your mother and your father want you to become.” She opened the door for Ariz.
        “Don’t doubt. It’s too late to turn back now.” Ariz said to herself.
        So everyone bowed as Ariz walked to the isle going to the throne. Now, the ceremonial began. Aaron came late while Jayne… she’s not yet in. Ariz stood straight as she tried to calm herself with her uncomfortable dress and so serious as always. Until the ceremonial ended, Jayne still was absent.
        “Long live the young empress!!!” said one of the knights as all crowds followed.
        When everything’s done, Ariz quickly returned to her rooms and removed her dress irritated. “Ish! This things are horrible!” she complained as she looked at the things she wore. She went out of her rooms wearing a normal dress.
        “Ariz!” Aaron from behind called as he chase her. “I mean, young empress.”
        “What is it now?”
        “Jayne is missing!”
        Ariz sighed. “Now we have work to do.”
        Behind the biggest rock near the castle of Cypher, Jayne was there trying to find out what is happening in the main kingdom. She wants to see her parents. Then the gate opened, she covered herself with a cloak and then went in without letting anyone recognize her. Well, the town was full of people, unlike when she was still there, the crowds seemed to double its number, but she walked alert until she reached the castle.
        “Halt!” commanded one of the guards.
        Jayne stopped and faced the guard. “It’s me.” she whispered, although she doesn’t know who she’s speaking was. “Look, please, I just wanted to –“
        “You shouldn’t be here, your highness!” the man said in surprise. he then looked around and signaled Jayne to go to a private place.
        “I don’t understand why were they…” Jayne gulped.
        “Pardon me but I have to go now. Look, it’s dangerous out here. Just continue to wear your cloak and find my house just right there.” He instructed as he points out the way. “Find Robbie, he is my son. Tell him I sent you there. Go now, but remember, don’t trust anyone.” He said as he started to walk away…

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