Shadow Quest

The war between the Living and death...
A war for freedom of souls and for power of monarchy. Three heroes will arise and become the chosen ones.


24. Behind the story

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Behind the real story

        The story ‘Shadow Quest’ is actually made by two amateur writers who are in year 9 or third year high school.
                                                                                Alice & Jeynema

Real Life Characters
*Aaron :
The character of king Aaron d’ Magieva of the Zarchan kingdom.
+Born on December 12, 1995
~The real reason for the story. He’s a great teaser, but he only laughs seldom or more specifically, when he tells his own joke. He targets Jeynema for his center of teasing. He keeps on saying to her that “Do you know what kind of person laughs without a reason?” then he laughs and informs the very quiet Alice about it. (A piece of distraction) 

*Jeynema Mhie :
The character of princess Jayne Georgina of the Cypher kingdom.
+Born on May 28, 1999
~An agile seatmate of Alice. She’s not comfortable of seating formally, you know, seating like a lazy man-in-boots (To inform you, she’s a pure girl.) she also has a type of exaggerating sight that if she sees something so ignorable, she laughs at it and tell Alice what she think it is. Sometimes Alice understands and joins her, but sometimes she doesn’t. And because of that, Aaron finds a way of teasing her. Less serious more funny.

*Marilyn :
The character of Mayne Hariana of the Ice village.
+Born on August 16, 2000
~A very quiet acquaintance and graceful girl, intelligent and cute, she also sometimes joins Jeynema when seeing something, and very gentle.
*Alice :
The character of young Empress Ariz Snowdrille of the Blizzardian Empire.
+Born on December 4, 1999
~More serious less funny. Everytime she feels happy, she laughs as if there’s no tomorrow. Everytime she’s not in her mood or bad trip, she choose to be alone, for if someone bothers her she’ll explode in anger and no one can fight back with her words. She’s intelligent and also she’s full of stories.
____I know some of you knows Robbie Kay, or if not, search in the internet. Jeynema has a crush on him for she says that he’s a hot British actor. Well, who am I to judge? I haven’t seen him anyway. Well, according to Jeynema, he layed the role of Pinnochio in a movie, Ways to Live Forever, and Once Upon a Time. And the other characters are just made up…
Like: The crew of villains and the character's families. We love fantasy
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