Shadow Quest

The war between the Living and death...
A war for freedom of souls and for power of monarchy. Three heroes will arise and become the chosen ones.


1. Part One: Ties Of The Prophecy(Chapter 1)

Part One: Ties Of The Prophecy(Chapter 1)

I fixed it up so you won't get a hard time locating where you last read. Enjoy!!!

                (Ariz c/p *chosen pic*)

                The end of magical existence in Fantasia had begun. The war between magic and non-magic had started expanding though out the Southern continent.
                The kingdom of Zarchan is busy giving the birth celebration of the king’s son, Aaron. While they are at their happy times, the horn from the entrance gate had been blown. Then, suddenly, the gate smashed open. The commotion had spread. The Zarchanians moved unprepared.
                The king of Zarchan ordered his wife to take Aaron away to safety. The queen obeyed his husband’s will and rushed away. Unfortunately, one of the Azarian warriors saw her. They chased her wherever she goes, until she reached the end of the mountain. It’s the end of the lap, the only thing there was a cliff and below it was a wide river. It’s the only choice. She removed her ring and placed it at the infant’s hand and tied the sword that the king had given to her at the child’s waist. The queen hugged her for the last time.
“May the spirit of God… guide you …” She whispered as she sobbed then throw the child away…
                The following hours, Aaron had been riding the flow of the cold river.
                Meanwhile, two couples are at the river side full of woes. They have their child with them, lifelessly.
“Why does he has to go?!” cried the woman as she hugged his husband tightly.
                Her husband closed his eyes as he seized his wife’s hand. “If only I’m at his place –“he paused and looked around.
                His wife too looked around and saw a cloth floating at the river. They heard its cry. “A child!” the man exclaim as he swam quickly at the infant. Then he swam back to his wife. “My love, did God give us the answer?!” he asked happily as he gave the infant to his wife.
“Look my darling, there’s a light on his chest!” the wife exclaimed.
                Her husband closer then looked at the infant’s chest. “Something’s written in it…” then he observed. “A… Aaron!” he exclaimed. “Oh great God, thank you for giving us Aaron!” he said as he gazes up.
*Eighteen Years Later…*
                 Summer came at the town near Zarchan. Aaron was out at the ocean together with his parents for fishing. While riding at the boat, he stood firm at his seat at the back, holding his net with a handsome posture.
“Be careful, Aaron, you’ll fall.” Tom said, his father.
                 Aaron smirked at him. “Worry not my father. You’ve never seen me fall.”
                Suddenly, the water waved fiercely and Aaron backed and fort to balance himself. But unfortunately, he fell with a big splash.
“Aaron!!” his parents called.
                They looked down and did not see him elsewhere. His mother sobbed. “We lost him –“
“No you did not!” Aaron said as he leaped himself up at the boat again. “Didn’t you know that I’ve won hundred times racing with fish?” He said. Then he raised his net. Not empty anymore, but filled with fish.
“Good Gracious! How did you catch such fish?” Tom asked.
“I don’t know. But I guess these fishes are women…”
“Why would you say so?” Tom asked.
                Aaron burst into laughter then sat down while holding the boat sides. “Because I think the fishes admire my appearance!” he blurted.
                The three of them laughed loud and they sailed back into the beach and carried their big catch.
*The Kingdom of Cypher…*
                Two years before Aaron had reached his eighteen of age. There was a princess from the kingdom of Cypher that was a mute. Her name was Jayne.
                When the king gave her thirteenth birth celebration, there was a heavy breeze passed by her. She ignored it and enjoyed dancing at the stage, where men and women watched her with amusement.
                Suddenly, there was a big bang sound that shocked all of them. The door screeched loudly as it echoed at the hall. It swung open as one of the gate warriors was thrown beheaded.
                Women shriek as men stood with their swords unsheathed. Jayne stood frozen in fear as she looked at the severed head in front of her.
                The monster busted the door in, as he shouted horribly loud and attacked every single one of them. Then he sprung up to Jayne. Jayne felt as if her heart wanted to leave her body as it throbs faster and faster. She glared up at him as she saw his eyes filled with emotions. Her eyes calmed down and said a soundless word. Somehow, the monster seemed to understood then left. The king looked at her, but he did not show any suspicions towards his daughter. The queen rushed towards Jayne and hugged her in full worries.
                Jayne smiled at her then went to the table where there are leaf papers and a feather pen. She wrote. “I am alright. Just help those who are wounded.”
                The queen nodded and signaled her slaves to give aid and a proper funeral for those who reached their limits.
                One night, Jayne was having her mutual reading. She read three books in a row and felt that her bed calls for her. She yawned sheepishly as she lays her back at her bed. So the night goes on. As she closed her eyes, her balcony door opened. It was the monster. It entered her room, Jayne opened her eyes half. She looked closer and… oh my goodness! Her mind exclaimed as she backed down at her bed and fell hardly into the floor.
                Her eyes widened. Did this folk just… was it really smiling at me?! She thought. This is a dream! Then she pinched her cheeks. She looked at the monster and it was doing the same thing and it looked at her. Jayne hopped and the monster followed her lead. Jayne felt comfortable with the monster and even if she was soundless, the monster can feel her happiness too.
                The monster stopped from hopping then went at the balcony. He looked at Jayne and signaled her to come, Jayne doubtlessly obeyed him. The monster’s large hands carried her then he jumped so high that they reached a long that they even reached the dark sky. Then they landed down to the muddy grounds. After a moment, he placed Jayne down. She looked around the surroundings and noticed that the forest in its part was bald it were all leafless. She then looked at the monster and saw that he was towards a large rock, a cave actually. The monster stopped at the entrance of the cave and looked at her, signaling her to come too, so she followed. When they were inside, the fire suddenly lit up and the cave was illuminated and a lot of bones and weapons were revealed. She looked at her right and saw a glimmering lake. It was shining even if the fire couldn’t reach it.
                Jayne sat on a large rock and the monster went into a near chest. He opened it and he took an ancient gold cup. He scooped some water from the glowing lake and then gave it to Jayne. She accepted it with a smile and took a sip on it. Her eyes widen then looked at him with astonishment.
“It’s very tasty!” she exclaimed suddenly. She covered her mouth with an expression of surprise. She removed her hand then opened her mouth “Aaa … –“she stood up. “I… can… -I can speak!” she jumped in happiness. She joyously went to the monster and held at his large fingers and smiled. “Thank you, mister…?” she looked at the monster’s eyes. “Would you mind telling me your name?”
                The monster raised his shoulder up and opened his arms. After that, the monster glared at her. Her eyes widen. “You want my name?” she asked.
                The monster shook his head then pinpointed her again and back to himself. “You want me to… give you one?” finally, the monster nodded. “Okay… give me a sec.” then she place one hand on her chin. She snapped. “How about… Faust?” she asked.
                The monster, I mean Faust jumped joyously then went to the weapons. He took one, an arrow case full of arrows and a bow with a skull on both sides. He then flashed back to Jayne then gave it to her. Jayne smiled with a thanking glance at him, and the night went on as Faust teaches her how to pull the string.

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