Your such a Payne

"Seriously Liam I can take care of myself." I said to my brother you see I'm more as you can say rebellious that's why I'm going on tour with my brother and his stupid band because my patents think it would be "good" for me and I can "learn for him" come with me at your own risk (please I need company on here) -Ally


1. the bus

" bye mom" I said hugging her. today I was going on the thing I dreaded most my brothers tour bus WITH his incredibly hot band mates that I am and I quote "not allowed to fall in love with secretly date behind my back or if you so much as even kiss them on the cheek you are leaving and going back to stay with mom and as for them they will be dead" liam said this morning when I was packing you see why im going on here is a discipline thing I walked onto the bus and the guys didn't even know I was there that's what I like one guy looked up when I walked in the blond one I think his name is niall or nick im not sure  but I thought it was sweet he acknoleged me


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