Your such a Payne

"Seriously Liam I can take care of myself." I said to my brother you see I'm more as you can say rebellious that's why I'm going on tour with my brother and his stupid band because my patents think it would be "good" for me and I can "learn for him" come with me at your own risk (please I need company on here) -Ally


3. Thanks for nothing

'this is my sister' liam said I kinda blushed I mean I didn't look he best I was wearing skinny jeans a black tank that said "Proud supporter of messy hair and sweat pants" I had my hair barely curled with a beanie and NO and I mean NO makeup


"um hey I guess" I mumble I mean it was kinda awkward liam was glaring at them and they were standing in a army line when Harry finally stepped up and hug me and said


" Hi im Harry"

" Hi" I replied hugging him back tightly " Im Allyson"


he got back in the line and if looks could kill he would be more than dead


" Liam"

"Yes Ally"

"can I speak to you for a minute Alone"

"Um sure"


he said walking to what I guess is his room and I following we got in the room and he said



"YOU NEED TO LIGHTEN UP THEY LOOK LIKE THEY ARE GONNA CRY and if they cry you know what will happen" I aid owering my voice


Liam nodded and started walkig out of the room




he stopped in his tracks and turned around


"Bubba will you carry me " I said droopy with my famous puppy face


"oh what the hell" he said and carried me into to the living room

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