Who do you chose?

"I'm sorry but.. You have to decide..
And we are done.." He says. "No please I love you" I say. "But you might also love them.." He says "I'm sorry" he adds. He's right.. I do love тнєм.


3. Your mine..💕

Skylars pov.

"Oh hey" I say to Luke.

Luke walks closer and sits near me on the bed.

"I said hey!" I say a bit annoyed..

He scoots closer "Hey beautiful" he says breathing on my neck, sending chills.

"Um excuse me I kinda need personal space." I say more annoyed.

"Oh come on you know you like it. " he says now kissing my neck.

I push him away and say " Well I don't and why are you even in my room?"

"I came in to tell you your mine. And I really don't care what you think. He says and gets up and leaves. Wait what? I'm his.. What the hell does that mean? Ugh I hate him already..

I get changed in my Pjs and go to bed because tomorrow is Monday, the start of my 'new school' ugh more like Hell I bet Luke goes to my school.


I wake up and shower, wash my face, brush my teeth, etc and do my hair. Leaving it down like always. Then I get dressed into my Batman crop top, high waisted dark blue skinny jeans and all black vans.

I get my teal back-pack, phone, eat a banana and grab my penny board while heading out of the house.

I skateboard to school since it's only a block away and I love to skate. While I'm skating by I see Luke with 3 other guys who look kinda hot.. A red haired boy, guy with curly dirty blonde hair, Asian looking dude with brown hair w/ a streak then, Luke.

As I'm skating I hear wolf whistles as I go by.. What a bunch of dogs.. Ugh. I get to school and head to the office which was quite easy to locate.

"Um hi, I'm new here my name is Skylar Woods." I say to the office lady.

"Oh hello Skylar, welcome to Sunset High! Here's your class schedule and locker number, good luck!" She says and hands me a piece of paper.

I walk out my the office and find my locker fairly easily. I see a girl near my locker, she looks like she has the same style as me. When I'm grabbing my books for my first class I try to talk to her.

"Hi I'm Skylar I'm new here!" I say smiling.

"Oh hey my names Nicole, can I show you around?" She asks.

"Sure that would be great!" I say handing her my class schedule.

"Ok well you have 1st, 3rd, lunch and gym with me!" She says excitedly.

We both walk to class together, talking about music and school. Apparently Luke and his friends are the popular 'Bad boys' of the school. As we get into the first class, Math, I see all the seats are almost occupied. there are 3 seats in the back and Nicole and I sit down.

"Hello class we have a new student with us, Skylar Woods, please make her feel welcome!" said the teacher.

5 Minutes into maths the door opens and in walks Luke.

"Well hello Mr. Hemmings, your late." The teacher said.

Luke just walked to the only empty seat which was next to me.. I ignored it and continued with math while talking to Nicole.

When the bell rang I was glad. I walk to my locker and Luke is already leaning against it talking to his group. Oh great. Just great.

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