Who do you chose?

"I'm sorry but.. You have to decide..
And we are done.." He says. "No please I love you" I say. "But you might also love them.." He says "I'm sorry" he adds. He's right.. I do love тнєм.


1. Prologue💕


Hey, my names Skylar Lynn Woods.

I have blonde hair that's dyed rainbow on the ends. And I have greenish blue eyes that change color. I also have a lip ring and some tattoos.

My hobbies include skateboarding, playing instruments (I'm in a band) and basketball.

I'm a punk rock rebel but, most people consider me 'goth' or 'emo' but, I don't really care much... I like punk rock bands like Nirvana, Blink-182, All Time Low and Green Day.

I used to live in California but my mom decided I needed a 'Fresh start' because I'm a bit (ok a lot) of a trouble-maker.

Now I'm moving to Sydney, Australia!

And my trouble-making continues when I get myself into a situation involving the 4 most baddest boys in school.

How will I EVER get myself out of this.. Love? Thing..

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