Who do you chose?

"I'm sorry but.. You have to decide..
And we are done.." He says. "No please I love you" I say. "But you might also love them.." He says "I'm sorry" he adds. He's right.. I do love тнєм.


4. Invitation...🌻

Skylars pov.

I started to walk up to my locker when suddenly I ran into the Asian wolf whistler from earlier, the one hanging out with Luke...

"Oh sorry I wasn't looking" I apologized.

"It's ok princess, what's your name?" He asks.. Wow I thought Luke would have told them my name when they saw me earlier.

"It's Skylar Woods. You?"

My names Calum Hood haha we have rhyming last names, btw I'm not Asian." He jokes.

"Well good to know Calum, um bye." I say trying to get back to my locker.

"Oh wait I was wondering, there's a party tonight at Luke's.. Do you wanna come with me?" He asks

"I'd love to! I actually live next door to Luke." I say.

"Oh cool I'll pick you up tomorrow at 8." Calum says walking away.

I start walking over to my locker and see Luke was still there watching me with evil eyes.

"Um excuse me I need to get my books.." I murmur.

"What did I say? Your mine. Not Calum's and you can't disobey me." He says


"Well excuse me but, I barely even know you.. And also watch me." I says referring to me and Calum and 'disobeying' him.

I walk away only to have myself being yanked back into the janitors closet. "What the fuck?!?" I shout.

"What. Did. You. Just. Say. To. Me." He pushes me against the locked door.

Oh fuck what did I say? Shit I should have just walked away.

"Um I should go..." I say awkwardly.

I unlock the door and run out I decide to skip the rest of school and go home since I only had like gym and science left.

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