Unknown Ink

1. Everyone is born with a name on their wrist, along with one key item (EX: guitar, horse, pencil, etc.)

2. The font usually fits the gender. A female- swirling cursive, a male- black, bold letters.

3. The only way to know who your soul mate is, is to kiss them.

4. When you kiss your soul mate for the first time, the tattoo on your wrist turns from black to gold.

5. If you find your soul mate, but you "Fall out of love", then your tattoo fades forever.

6. If your soul mate is close to your proximity, then your tattoo begins to feel sore and raw, as if you got a new tattoo.

Kalana Chroma was just an ordinary girl, living in a small town in the middle of Nebraska. She was just minding her own business one day, when a famous Australian pop- rock sensation showed up at her favorite coffee shop. After a day of excitement, will they continue to be friends, or will fate have another destiny laid out for them?


3. "You probably came for the cow shit, everyone else does."

The figure stops clapping and puts his hood down, taking off his glasses.

"Ah! So this is the Luke Hemmings that Nebraska is blabbing about." Tanya says and shakes his hand.

"Uhm, yeah I guess I am." he turns to me. "First of all, I  love your lip ring, and second, you have an excellent voice." His blue eyes peered into me.

"Thank you, and I love yours as well." I did the most awkward thing I could have done in that situation; I poked it, but only the ring. My finger never touched his skin.

My tattoo began to tingle under my thick layer of bracelets.

He blushes as I pull my hand away.

"So, um, I'm Luke." he sticks out a hand.

I smile and shove it down. "My name is Kalana, but call me Kallie." I say, hugging him. My God he is like 6' 4''. I mean, I am only like 5' 4'' so I was literally hugging his waist. I am not short, I am vertically challenged.

He hugs me back, and awkwardly pats my back.

My tattoo zapped me, and I grimaced.

Luke jumped. "Ouch,"

I pulled back immediately. :Are you okay? Did I do something? What hurts?" I set my hands on his forearms since I can't exactly reach his shoulders very easily.

"Yeah, I'm fine. My wrist just hurt for a moment there. Kinda hurt actually. I will be fine though." he rubs his wrist and avoids my suspicious gaze.

I nod and calm myself down, ignoring my suspicions. "Alright. Sorry about that, I've just always had an instinct to help people."

"And to sing incredibly well. So Kallie, do you think you can help me out? I just came in for a good cup of coffee, but now I remembered that I need a few more guitar picks since I virtually destroyed my others while practicing. Will you be willing to show me around?" He raised his eyebrows, making his already blue eyes seem bigger than they already were.

I though about it. My eyes scanned over him, taking in his exterior. Black jeans, black hoodie, black VANS, lip ring... My parents would never approve.

'Uhm, yeah. I know all of the decent shops around here, so I could show you around. Any specific kind?" My parents are going to skin me alive and hang me on the wall next to dad's trophy deer.

He grinned. "Awesome! I need the Heavy Fender .88 mm picks. When do you wanna go? I'm pretty much available anytime." He asked, answering my question.

'Alright. I thought you were here for your career?"

"Nah, I'm on vacation. I've always wanted to come to Nebraska. I don't know why though."

"You probably came for the cow shit. Everyone else does." We laugh a bit at that.

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