Unknown Ink

1. Everyone is born with a name on their wrist, along with one key item (EX: guitar, horse, pencil, etc.)

2. The font usually fits the gender. A female- swirling cursive, a male- black, bold letters.

3. The only way to know who your soul mate is, is to kiss them.

4. When you kiss your soul mate for the first time, the tattoo on your wrist turns from black to gold.

5. If you find your soul mate, but you "Fall out of love", then your tattoo fades forever.

6. If your soul mate is close to your proximity, then your tattoo begins to feel sore and raw, as if you got a new tattoo.

Kalana Chroma was just an ordinary girl, living in a small town in the middle of Nebraska. She was just minding her own business one day, when a famous Australian pop- rock sensation showed up at her favorite coffee shop. After a day of excitement, will they continue to be friends, or will fate have another destiny laid out for them?


4. 'What's a Runza?"

Now keep in mind that I love ya'll, but I just had to slay you with Mr. Hemmings right there ^.^  <3


"So how about right now? Or are you busy?" he asks me, calming our laughter.

'I've got to get a few more lip rings, and I wanna get another tattoo today, but other than that I'm pretty much free. Unless you wanna go with me?" I offer.

"Sure, might as well. If it's okay with you of course?" he asks awkwardly.

"I wouldn't have invited you if it wasn't,"

"Great! When are we doing all of this?"

I chug down my now cold coffee."Right now!" I grab his hand and drag him out. 'Bye Tanya!"

"Bye dear! Have fun and make people angry!" she yells at our receding backs. That woman makes me laugh so much.

'Wait! Hold on a moment!" he stops and puts up his hood, situating his glasses perfectly on his nose. "Now go!" He grabs my hand and we run through the busy Omaha streets.


'Okay, so what do you want to do first?" I ask him.

"Why don't we go to the music store, eat, then the tattoo parlour, then the piercing place because I would like to get another piercing but I would like to eat first. Any suggestions on where to go?"

"How about Runza?"

His face shows his confusion. "What's a Runza?"

"It's a fast food place. We're going. Now let's go." we linked hands and skipped off to Runza.

"Okay, that was amazing food. Music Shop?" he says, rubbing his abdomen and looking at me.

'Of course. Let's go!" I turn and walk in the direction of the shop. After about three minutes of walking we see the bold, neon lights and enter to medium-sized music store.

"AHH! KALANA! Long time no see, eh?" A thick, deep accent yells as the door bells chime when I walk in.

"Ah! Toni! Come sono la moglie e figli ?" I ask him in Italian, since that's where he is from. Toni is an extremely good friend of mine, and is most likely the best Italian I have ever met. I am also okay friends with his daughter, Emma; we talk every now and again, but we never hang out together Toni Spadea (pronounced Spuh-day-uh) was my go-to man if I ever needed anything in the music industry. If I came to him, he would set me up with the best he could get his hands on, and for a decent price. 

He grins, "Sono bene. What about you, eh? i see you have snagged a attraente one, no? Mi piace , egli vi si addice bene ."

I blush madly. 'But Toni we aren't even- " he cuts me off.

"I am invited to the wedding, yes?" he raises his eyebrows.



"Toni there is no-"

Luke jumps in, cutting me off again. What is with people interrupting me today?

"Yes, of course you are invited to the wedding. Now do you have guitar picks?"

Toni beams again. "Come with me."

Luke follows the man through the shop.

I lag a bit behind and giggle to myself quietly at the two. If you look at them side by side, the difference is astonishing. There's Luke, the tall, thin, lanky, blonde, blue-eyed, Australian breadstick; then there's Toni the short, thick, burly, dark haired, brown-eyed Italian man.



Okay guys since i am not totally evil I am going to show you the translations of what Kalana and Toni were saying.


"Come sono la moglie e figli ?" - How are the wife and kids?

"Sono bene." - They are well.

"attraente" - loosely translated to cute. Can also mean attractive, charming, enticing, engaging, and catching.

"Mi piace , egli vi si addice bene ." - I like him, he suits you well.

Well there they are gois. I <3 ya''ll.


Stay in drugs.

Eat your school.

Don't do vegetables.

Or something like that.



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