Unknown Ink

1. Everyone is born with a name on their wrist, along with one key item (EX: guitar, horse, pencil, etc.)

2. The font usually fits the gender. A female- swirling cursive, a male- black, bold letters.

3. The only way to know who your soul mate is, is to kiss them.

4. When you kiss your soul mate for the first time, the tattoo on your wrist turns from black to gold.

5. If you find your soul mate, but you "Fall out of love", then your tattoo fades forever.

6. If your soul mate is close to your proximity, then your tattoo begins to feel sore and raw, as if you got a new tattoo.

Kalana Chroma was just an ordinary girl, living in a small town in the middle of Nebraska. She was just minding her own business one day, when a famous Australian pop- rock sensation showed up at her favorite coffee shop. After a day of excitement, will they continue to be friends, or will fate have another destiny laid out for them?


2. "The One About Narcolepsy!"



"Luke Hemmings form the popular Australian rock band is in Nebraska. Why is he here? Nobody knows, but we do know that he is in Omaha. Everyone's asking questions "Is it a special girl?" "Is he moving here?" "How long will he stay?" All we know is that he refused to do any interviews, and avoided paparazzi. Maybe it's-"

I shut off the TV and groan, covering my face. I am so sick of hearing about Luke Hemmings. He has only been here for like a day, and the entire city of Omaha Nebraska is absolutely buzzing about him. Give him some space. It's rather annoying really.

I poked my arm again. OW. Why does my ink feel weird? It's never done this before. I really should have paid attention in Biology when they explained this shit.

I glanced at the clock on the wall. Time to start my daily routine; shower, hair, teeth, make-up, clothes, clean house, shoes, coat, and OFF TO MY FAVORITE COFFEE SHOP! It's not Starbucks, ew Starbucks.


I look at the house, content with my work. "Good to be cleanly," and I walk over to my front door.

I zip up my black leather, military-issued combat boots. Yes, they are real military boots, and I bought them for myself. Picking up my leather jacket, I grabbed my house keys, and ran out the door, but not before locking it.

On my way to the coffee shop, I began to think of ways tho get my name out there. I suppose that I could always use the piano in the cafe. Well... never mind. My parents would never approve of it. They hate the way I dress,how I act, my interests, everything. If it's not Harvard, it's not allowed. That's what my dad says anyways. One time he actually locked me in the basement with a book of Ordinances for Nebraska. Like, who the hell does that?!

I must have lost track of time, because the next thing I knew, the coffee shop was right in front of me.I pushed open the door and walked in. I took in a deep breath, and slowly let it all out. This is my happy place.

"Kalana!" the barista yells when she sees me. Oh, Tanya.

"I thought I told you to call me Kallie?" (pronounced Collie) I ask her.

"Perhaps, but do you really think that an old woman like myself is going to remember that? No. Besides, I like Kalana. It sounds nice." she hands me my usual drink; caramel frappe with extra whip-cream, milk, and chocolate sprinkles.

"How did you know?" I ask jokingly, smiling at the sweet, middle aged woman before me.

"Honey, you have had the exact same routine everyday for three years now. I pick up on a few things.Now, you sounded a tad bit congested yesterday, so I put some honey into your drink today. I'm assuming you would be wanting your doughnut as well?"

"Thank you, and OF COURSE!"

"Alright, one regular, plain, glazed doughnut coming right up, Rockstar."

"Nah, I'm too punk rock for that." I say smiling again, and we laugh together. It's an inside joke.

You see, when I turned 18, Tanya took me to get my lip pierced, and my first tattoo. Tanya said to get a butterfly, but my response was "I'm too punk rock for that." I ended up getting an enormous dream catcher on left ribcage. My parents still don't know, and that was six months ago. I'm actually going back soon to get one on my collar bone. Probably some music notes, or a guitar or something, I don't know yet. I do know, however, that it's going to be about music, and possibly a quote, or special word.

Tanya snapped her fingers in my face. "Hello? Kalana to Tanya!"

I shook my head. "I'm sorry what?"

She smiles, "You see that piano over there?"

I nod and look at the piano, then back to her. " Yeah, what about it?"

"I want you to take these hands," she smacks my hand, "and go play me something."

"Oh, but Tanya I did yesterday."
"So? Now shoo and make me happy with your musical talents." she pushes me lightly towards the piano.

I sigh, and set my coffee and doughnut on a nearby table.

"Any requests?" I call out to her as I sit down on the piano bench.

"The one about narcolepsy!" 

I grinned, and laughed. "You mean Amnesia?"

"That too!"

I smiled, and shook my head, before completely losing my train of thought. I softly stroked the ivory bars, hearing the melodic chiming of the strings inside this battered beast. At first I just played the piano, but soon, I couldn't hold off any longer and sang along with no remorse.

"I wish that I could wake up with amnesia,
and forget all of the stupid little things.
like the way it felt to fall asleep next to you,
and the memories I never can escape.
Cause I'm not fine at all"

I finished the rest of the song, and woke up form my little allusion.

(Y/N okay sorry to interrupt but Stacy's Mom by the Cameltoes just came on and I'm dying XD)

Tanya clapped for me, and so did someone else. He- I am assuming it's a he- was wearing a black hoodie with black skinny jeans. The black nomad shades covered his eyes. Them shades though.

"Who are you?"

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