Unknown Ink

1. Everyone is born with a name on their wrist, along with one key item (EX: guitar, horse, pencil, etc.)

2. The font usually fits the gender. A female- swirling cursive, a male- black, bold letters.

3. The only way to know who your soul mate is, is to kiss them.

4. When you kiss your soul mate for the first time, the tattoo on your wrist turns from black to gold.

5. If you find your soul mate, but you "Fall out of love", then your tattoo fades forever.

6. If your soul mate is close to your proximity, then your tattoo begins to feel sore and raw, as if you got a new tattoo.

Kalana Chroma was just an ordinary girl, living in a small town in the middle of Nebraska. She was just minding her own business one day, when a famous Australian pop- rock sensation showed up at her favorite coffee shop. After a day of excitement, will they continue to be friends, or will fate have another destiny laid out for them?


1. Just A Heads Up! :)

HEEEYYY GOOOOIIISSSS!!!!! So I have been writing this silly little story for quite awhile now, and I thought that since I have nothing better to do with it, I might as well post it for someone to enjoy!! I know that you haven;t read any of this yet, and that I don't know you, but I love ya'll cause you just decided to click on this story. That alone just makes me happy!! And keep in mind that I am always open to helping people with problems!! I am here to help with advice, relationship issues, bullying, and other problems tlhat may occur! Just send a mumble my way, or leave a comment somewhere on my profile. I promise that I will get back to you as fast as I can! I love ya'll! Now enjoy Unknown Ink!

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