Unknown Ink

1. Everyone is born with a name on their wrist, along with one key item (EX: guitar, horse, pencil, etc.)

2. The font usually fits the gender. A female- swirling cursive, a male- black, bold letters.

3. The only way to know who your soul mate is, is to kiss them.

4. When you kiss your soul mate for the first time, the tattoo on your wrist turns from black to gold.

5. If you find your soul mate, but you "Fall out of love", then your tattoo fades forever.

6. If your soul mate is close to your proximity, then your tattoo begins to feel sore and raw, as if you got a new tattoo.

Kalana Chroma was just an ordinary girl, living in a small town in the middle of Nebraska. She was just minding her own business one day, when a famous Australian pop- rock sensation showed up at her favorite coffee shop. After a day of excitement, will they continue to be friends, or will fate have another destiny laid out for them?


6. Calloused Hands

HAAAAAYYYYYYYYY So I am really hyper and it is like 11:13 p.m. (I just checked) and I am pretty sure that of I squeal one more time, my step-dad is going to come and hunt me down from under my duvet. It would be fun for me, but he would be angry so I am going to keep my fangirling muffled with a mouthful of Cheerios. :) Yes, I eat Cheerios at night. Problem? No? Good. Keep reading!

Well I think that I just saved everyone with this picture. I am just going to say that I used this image for an English project. We had just finished reading "The Odyssey" and my teacher made us come up with our own monster that Odysseus had to encounter, and this is what I came up with. I got an A. 


Anywhore, here's your update :)



I quickly snap out of my thoughts and begin to plug in the Ibanez so I can play it for Luke and Toni. The old man never seems to grow bored of my guitar playing. What an old cheeseball!

My hands were shaking slightly as I inserted the lead into the guitar. I just couldn't get over the fact that Luke had seen my scars and hasn't left me yet. Everyone else did. I have no friends, no family, no one that I can talk to about my scars. They all left me as soon as they found out. My friends were only my friends because my parents had money, and my parents always expect me to be some sort of clean pristine princess that is perfect in every way. Perfect hair, teeth, body, skin, a perfect sense of style. Everyone expects me to wear dresses and heels and wear expensive jewelry. Uhm, hell no. Those three things alone give me migraines just thinking about them.

Luke's large, calloused hands gently guide my own as they were too unbalanced to plug the cord into the amplifier by themselves. I enjoyed the way his hands looked on mine. His big, rough man hands on top of my own smaller, softer feminine ones. 

I shakily push the hair out of my face as I wipe my other hand on my jeans to remove the clamminess from my palm. 

Luke puts his hand on my cheek and whispers a "Are you alright?" to my flushed face as his blue eyes search my own for any sign of discomfort. He surely has found what he has been looking for. The moment his skin touched my own, it was like a million eels had coiled themselves around my wrist, and sparked electricity through my very being. It was his touch that made me yearn for more. More of what I wasn't sure of, but I liked it and I most certainly want another serving.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I mumble and look away from his piercing gaze to view the frets of the ebony bass that hung from my shoulders. I used the instrument dangling between us as a scapegoat not to look at Luke. It must have worked because he reluctantly backed away after a moment. 

I decide to play something simple to start off with. "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes seemed like a good choice. As I played the opening cords, my head began to bob to the beat, and my foot tapped with the rhythm.

Bm-bdm-dm-dm-dm-dm bm-bdm-dm-dm-dm-dm

The bass' voice echoed out throughout the shop as I finger-picked the cords by heart.

I finished the song before starting my next conquest. Jerry Was a Race Car Driver by Primus. I personally think that it's the hardest thing ever to learn on the bass. It's like pulling teeth. Yeah, it's that bad.

I started the introduction to the song, and Luke's eyes widen as he recognizes the tune immediately. Well he should! It's a really good song!

I finish the final chords to the song, and look up to see Luke clapping really loudly, sliding his phone back into his pocket. Toni is just standing behind Luke with the biggest, cheesiest smile I have ever seen that old fart make.

"So. She is talented, yes?" he claps Luke's left shoulder with his meaty right paw.

"She's amazing," Luke whispers back, but I'm not sure that I was supposed to hear him say that.

"Awww! Thanks Skyscraper!" I gush, and make use of his new nickname. The dweeb is just going to have to get used to it.

A slight blush dances across Luke's cheeks, and the tips of his ears turned red. I find that rather endearing.

"So how long have you been playing bass? A few years? Like, six minimum?" Luke asks me.

I burst out laughing. "Six years? BAHAHA no try like Two, maybe three. I don't know. Let's see, I first started back in-"

"Three years?! Are you kidding? That's nearly impossible! That song was ridiculously hard to watch, let alone play! Trust me, Calum has tried!" Luke exclaimed. Toni and I just laugh and laugh at his shell shocked face.

"But anyways, let's go. We've got a small window of opportunity at the parlour; Deech gets off work here soon. " I finally get my guffaws under control, and slide the bass off my shoulders, holding it towards Toni. "Le dispiacerebbe mettere questa via per me , il mio amico ?"



Le dispiacerebbe mettere questa via per me , il mio amico ?- Would you mind putting this away for me, my friend?


I'm super duper late, I know. But this is better than nothing, right?

Love y'all!

-Mikey (previously Kenzie)


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