Confessions of a Geek like Me

Hey, y'all. I thought I'd share with you guys some stuff that's been running around in my head lately. Chapters are bound to be short, but they're published daily.


9. Day 9

I bet you folks didn't know this about me:

When I was in the transition between elementary school and middle school

I was bullied.

During that time, there were many a time where I contemplated suicide.

I'm not putting this out there to get attention.

I'm putting this out there to say there is hope.

I know.

I survived it.

It was the most brutal times of my life.

* * *

Note:  This is about to get a little theological, so if you don't like this sort of stuff, I recommend findings something else to entertain yourself.

If you decide to stick around, hear me out:

Has any Zelda fan noticed that this

Looks a lot like this?


I think it's because the Triforce is a representation of the Holy Trinity.

How did I deduce this?

The three parts of the Triforce are composed of courage, power, and wisdom.

The Trinity, the way I'm seeing it, has those three traits.

The Holy Spirit is the power of God in us.

Jesus showed courage when He was crucified, buried, fought the powers of hell, and rose again.

And the Father, through it all, is wisdom.

The Trinity demonstrates all three of these abilities.

Being a total geek, I further deduced that the Triforce isn't complete without the other pieces, just like the Holy Trinity isn't complete without the other entities involved.

It was a theory I had when I started playing The Legend of Zelda.

It was just today in church, listening to a sermon on the Holy Spirit, I knew where this theory originated.

I think He was speaking to me through the game.

My parents agreed with me on this, and said that it may be man-made, but the concept of the Triforce was likely divinely inspired.



I'm a wacko, aren't I?

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