Confessions of a Geek like Me

Hey, y'all. I thought I'd share with you guys some stuff that's been running around in my head lately. Chapters are bound to be short, but they're published daily.


2. Day 2

Like I promised, I'll update daily.

It's kinda crazy, that you guys are so into this.

Thank you guys so much for liking and favoriting.

As Patrick said:

* * *

You know that moment?

When you wish fiction was real?

Every day of my life, man.

Every day.

* * *

There was this one time when I wrote to a fictional character.

I was five years old at the time, and was super gullible about everything.

And I thought Clifford the Big Red Dog (if you're a 90s child, you'll remember the show) was a legit thing.

I wrote a letter to Emily Elizabeth.

And I attempted to mail it.

I don't regret it.


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