Blooded weapon

A story about hatred and revenge


1. Prologue

The story begins in the land of Aisu. There, people live in fear—fear from death which is always near but unknown when—fear from high seated lords who can always ruin their lives anytime they want. Therefore, there are people who hide and live quietly. Sisa, she was one of them, she was living with her young son whom she named Jovin. They were living in a small cottage which stands on the village west from the capital. The child was forbidden to step outside the village to prevent him from meeting harms. He was never free to seek the world outside which he really wanted to do for his mother was too tight that he would even feel upset. He could still understand her for some reasons but what about his dream? So then, he couldn’t help but to escape from the village and take a look outside. He was so happy to explore it but when the day is about to end, he decided to walk back their village. It wasn’t the same village which he came back to. He found all the villagers’ lying down on their own bloods lifeless. No one of them are breathing, even his closest friend Ron was there beside his mother’s body, both are dead. Seeing those corpses, he can’t move his eyes to find his mother. He was alone on the center of dead bodies meaning he will always be alone for all of them are dead. He can’t cry, he can’t breathe. How could he, when all of these are so sudden? Moments later, a lady came with four armed men standing few paces from her. She viewed the villagers’ corpses. Jovin can see her right from where he was standing. She was clothed in silk meaning she’s royal. Their eyes met, his were filled with fear, and hers were unidentified. They studied each others faces before she walked near in front of him and looked down on the child. “Poor child, they left you alone,” she said with real mercy in her eyes. He didn’t speak but just stared at the lady. She half-smiled and looked back to the armed men. “This one is the only survivor, I’ll take him.” She said in the tone of ordering. The child was clueless of what to do so he was easily taken by those men. And then, they mounted him up a horse. The lady was right on the other horse when they started moving. For the last time, Jovin quietly looked back the village until the dead corpses were becoming smaller on his eyes that he now can’t even identify who they are…where his mother could be. His mind was blank until that the village was nowhere to be seen. Now, he looked straightly in front. This will not be the end…this will be another start.
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