I Love You

3 words. 8 letters. Say it and I'm yours.


1. New Country, New People

Here it is! I hope y'all like it! :) ~Book.Geek13




  I step off of the plane and look around. Just from looking out of the windows in the airport, I can already tell that Australia is beautiful. After finding my way to baggage claim and grabbing my suitcase, I walk out of the airport and find the car I arranged to pick me up. I see a man holding a sign with my name on it. He looks young. Late 20's or so. I walk over to him. 

   "Ms. Leighton?" he asks. 

   "Yes sir, but just call me Addy," I tell him.

    "Okay. My name is Greg by the way. Let me take that for you," he takes my suitcase and carry on bag and puts it in the boot of the car.

  I thank him and sit myself in the backseat. As I wait for Greg to get in, I unlock my phone and scroll through Twitter, texting my Dad and telling him I landed. Greg gets in and pulls out of the airport carpark. I give him the address of my new flat.

   "Thank you Greg! I will call you when I need you again," I tell him taking my things.

   "You're welcome Addy," he smiles. 

  He drives away and I walk into the building, finding my way up to the 3rd floor.

   "Let's see. 38, 40, 41, 42. Here! 44," I say to myself out loud. 

  I pull my key out of my purse and unlock the door. The flat looks a lot better in person than in the pictures. A nice size lounge room with a little area for a dining table. I walk around the corner on the right and see a nice sized kitchen. There is a door which leads to an empty room. Opposite to the kitchen on the other side of the lounge room is a hallway. One door leads to another empty room but bigger and the other is the bathroom. All of the walls are white or a light grey and the floors are a dark hardwood. Perfect. I set my suitcase in the bigger room, claiming it as my bedroom, and sit on the couch in the lounge room. The flat comes with most of the furniture. I just have to buy my bedroom stuff, a telly, I have to call the cable to get it and wifi, bathroom stuff, etc. My flight landed pretty late, so I am starved. But of course, I have no food. Or tea. Tea actually sounds really good. I think I seen a little store down the street on the way here. 

  I grab my purse and keys and walk out the door. I make my way to the store, which wasn't very far at all. I walk in and look around. It has all of the essentials it looks like. Looking down all of the isles, I finally find the tea and some shortbread cookies. I pay for the two things and a mug, and walk back home. 

  I almost got to my flat until I bump into someone. My bag falls, causing my mug to break. 

   "Great. The only cup I have is now broke," I say.

   "I am so sorry!" the person says.

  I look up and see that the person I ran into was a guy. A really cute guy might I add. He looks familiar though.

   "Look. I will buy you a new mug. Better yet, come inside my flat and I will make you a cup of tea. I figure that's what you were gonna do since you have tea bags, a mug, and shortbread cookies," he offers.

   "How do I know you aren't a creep trying to rape me?" I ask.

  He raises an eyebrow. 

   "I am sure that I am not a creep and I won't rape you," he laughs. 

   "Okay. I guess I'll take your offer on that cup of tea," I smile.

   "I'm Calum by the way. Call me Cal if you want,"

   "Adaline. But call me Addy,"

   "Okay," he flashes his smile and my heart wants to melt.

  We both finish picking up the broken mug and I follow him inside his flat. His flat is actually right next to mine. He shuts the door behind me and by the looks of it, his flat is set up just like mine but opposite. His kitchen is on the left. He tells me to come with him into the kitchen, so I do. I sit on his counter top as he puts some water in the kettle and turns the burner on. 

   "So did you just move here? Because I haven't seen you around before and your accent," Calum asks.

   "Yeah. I actually just moved in earlier," I tell him.

   "Oh that's cool. From America?"

   "Yup. Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee," I pop the 'p' in yup.

   "I loved it there when my band and I played there," he says.


   "You don't know who I am do you?" 

  I shake my head no.

   "I am in the band 5 Seconds Of Summer," he says backing up a bit.


   "I knew I recognized you from somewhere! Great songs by the way," I tell him. 

   "Really that's it? No screaming or fangirling? Just great songs?" he questions.

   "Yeah? I mean I am a fan of your music and all, but I am not a fangirl like that," I laugh. 

  He looked so relived after I said that, that I laughed even more.

   "You have a cute laugh Adaline," he smiles.

   "Why thank you Calum," I smile back. 

  The tea kettle starts to squeal after heating. Cal grabbed two cups, and two bags. He poured the hot water into the cups with the tea bags.

   "Do you want any sugar or milk in it?" Cal asks.

   "Hmmmm. Either one. Doesn't matter," 

   "Okay. Then I will make it how I make mine," 

  He turns his back towards me so I couldn't see what he was doing. After like 3 minutes, he turns and hands me my cup. I take a small sip, trying not to burn myself. 

   "This is really good! What's in it?" I question.

   "For me to know and you to never find out," he tells me.

   "Of course. You want some shortbreads?" 

   "Hell yeah I do!" he shouts, making me laugh.

  I jump of the counter, not spilling my tea, and make my way to his lounge room. He follows behind me and sits on the couch. I open the package and sit next to him. He takes a cookie, putting it in his mouth and turns on the telly. We start watching this show that I have no clue what the name was, but it was hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing and neither could Calum. I enjoyed sitting there with him. And the tea was damn good and great with the cookies. I looked at my phone after a while and see that it's already late. I sit up not even noticing that Calum's arm was around me. When the hell did he put his arm around me? 

   "Thanks for the tea, but I should be getting back to my flat. I have to get up and shop for some furniture in the mornin'," I tell Cal.

   "How about I go with you. You can get ready, come over for some tea, and then we can take my truck since I figure you have no way of bringing the boxes home," he says.

   "Sounds great," I smile.

   "Here. Give me your phone. I will put my number in so you can text me before you come over," I hand him my phone and he hands me his. 

  I put my number in and my contact name as Adaline with a heart and kissy face. I smile and give it back to him. He hands me mine and I look to see what he put as the contact name.

   "Really? Hot Neighbor?" I laugh.

   "Hell yeah! I am hot and sexy as can be!" he acts like he is flipping his hair that isn't long at all.

  I tell him goodbye and walk the three steps over to my flat door. After walking into my flat, I lock the door behind me and walk to my suitcase. I grab out some jammies and put them on. I lay on the couch, since I don't have a bed yet, and fall asleep.


****Next Morning****


  I wake up and see that it's about 8 am. Not that bad. I will feel the jet-leg soon probably. I walk over to my suitcase and take out an outfit for today along with my makeup. I make my way to the bathroom and change. Lightly applying makeup and putting my hair in a  messy bun, I text Cal and tell him i am coming over in a couple minutes. He doesn't reply. I slip my shoes on and lock my door, grabbing my purse. When I walk out, Cal is just walking out of his flat. He has two to-go cups in his hands. 

   "Good morning," I tell him. 

   "Good morning, Addy," he smiles and hands me a cup. 

   "What is it?" I ask.

   "My famous tea," he smiles. 

   "Thank you! Now let's get going," 

  We walk to the elevator and go down. I follow him to a nice size truck and get in. He starts the engine and get going. The radio turns on and Ariana Grande's song side by side comes on. I start to sing along softly. I can hear Calum start to sing too. I look at him and see him looking back at me. I smile at him getting one in return. Damn does he have a nice smile! Stop Addy. You barely know the guy! I put my focus on the surroundings, soaking it all in. Australia truly is beautiful so far. 

  We pull up into the carpark for the furniture store and get out. I follow him into the store. It was huge!

   "So what do you need exactly?" he asks me.

   "Well I need a bedroom set for sure," I tell him. 

  He nods and pulls me towards escalators. 

   "I dare you to do the splits up them just like in the movie Elf," I tell Cal.

   "Only if you do them too," he laughs.

   "Okay," I smile. 

   "Seriously?" he asks.

   "Hell yeah! But you have to go first," 

   "Well okay then," he walks over to the escalators and puts his right foot up on a stair firsts and waits for it to go up far enough to pull his left foot. I follow right behind him and do the same. I take a video on my phone as we make our way up laughing.

   "Addy," Cal whines, "this hurts my crotch!"

  I laugh even harder. We get to the top and get off still laughing. Calum holds his crotch and complains about it hurting and his quads hurting. I follow his complaining ass as we walk to all of the little bedroom set showcases. Cal finds the first bed he sees and lays down. I jump into the bed with him and we both sprawl out. 

   "This bed is comfy," he says.

   "It really is," I agree.

  After about another minute or so of just laying there, I decide that I wanted this mattress. We get up and look around at all the bedroom sets, picking out bedding and extra stuff for my bedroom. We pick out towels, bathroom stuff, kitchen stuff and more for the lounge room including a telly. I pay for all of it while Cal pulls his truck around for the stuff that we could take right then and there. The rest would come in 5-6 days to my flat.

   "You hungry? Do you want to stop and get food?" Cal asks.

   "Yeah sure. Anywhere is fine," I tell him. 

  He nods and turns the radio up. The sound of Side to Side by Ariana Grande floods out of the speakers. Soon we pull up to a little diner. I jump out of the truck and trail behind Cal as he walks into the diner. It was a cute little place. He walks to a small booth and sits down. I sit down across from him. The waitress comes up to the table, greeting us and asks for our drinks. I order a sweet tea and Calum orders a soda.

   "So. Why did you move to Aussie anyways?" he asks me.

   "Long story. Just wanted something new and I have always wanted to visit Australia so why not just move here,"

   "Oh okay. Well tell me about yourself, Adaline,"

   "Well. My full name is Adaline Evelyn Leighton. I am 20 years old. My birthday is January 11th. I have two older brothers, Travis and Henry. I have a sister in law named Maya and a nephew named Emmanuel. My brother Henry's family. My momma and daddy are divorced. Dogs are my favourite. I dislike the color dark purple. Lee Brice, the 1975, and Luke Bryan are my favourite. I am not a fan of red meat. I did gymnastics from when I was 3 up until I was 16. My favorite animals are giraffes and elephants. I can listen to almost any genre of music. My eyes are a hazel, but are mostly green. That's all I can think of, your turn," I tell him.

   "Okay. My full name is Calum Thomas Hood. I am 20 also and my birthday is the 25th of January. I have a sister named Mali Koa. My mum's name is Joy. My favourite colour is baby blue. My favourite pizza is Hawaiian. I love tea obviously. I like Nickelback, Blink 182, 1975, and lots of others. The tattoo on my chest is the year my band formed in roman numerals, MMXII (2012). Hmmm. I like apples and Mint chocolate ice cream. Dogs are pretty sweet. That's all I can think of too," he laughs.

   "Well it's nice to get to know Calum Thomas Hood," I smile. 

   "It's nice to get to know you too Adaline Evelyn Leighton," I get a in return.

  The waitress comes and takes our order, finally. I order chicken tenders and french fries and the lady looks at me funny when I say french fries. Cal laughs.

   "She means chicken tenders and hot chips. I'll have the same," he tells her. She nods as she writes it down and leaves.

   "Hot chips?" I question.

   "In Australia we call them hot chips or just chips. In America they are called french fries," he tells me.

   "Oh. Well then what do you call potato chips here?"


   "Oh. Well thank goodness you told me that," 

  He just laughs and we start to talk about his band. I have heard a couple of their songs which were pretty good. He was telling me about his band members. Luke, Ashton, and Michael. By his description of them, they sound like awesome guys. The waitress comes with our food and we start to eat. 


  We leave the diner and head back to our flats. He helps me carry the boxes to the elevator and to my flat. After all the boxes were laying on the floor in the lounge room, I sit on the couch. Cal plops next to me and lets out a sigh. 

   "Do you need help putting it all together?" he asks.

   "Yes please!" I tell him. 

  He laughs. He tells me he is going over to his to get some tools and leaves. I get off the couch and sit next to the first box. I look at what it says it is. Dining table. I drag the box to where I want it. I also drag my bed frame to my room and set the box of dishes on the kitchen counter. Cal comes in with a box and sets them on the coffee table. 

   "Let's get started little lady," he says. 

  We start on the dinning table first. Cal opens the cardboard box. I grab the instructions as he takes all of the pieces. We get in done in like 20 minutes and begin on another box. 


  We have the bed frame and dining table with the chairs up and the boxes set by the door. I am putting away the dishes in the cabinets as Cal sits on the counter eating the box of cheez-its I brought with me in my carry-on. 

   "These are seriously the best things ever!" he moans.

   "You seriously have never had cheez-its?" I laugh.

   "Nope. I don't even think they sell them here in Aussie," he tells me.

   "Wow. I will have to have my brothers send me some. Do they sell Faygo here?" I ask.

   "What's Faygo?" he asks.

   "Seriously?! It is a soda brand that has no caffeine," i tell him.

   "Is it an American thing?"

   "Yeah. I think it's made in Michigan actually. You can only buy it in certain shops in Nashville, "

   "Then that is why I haven't heard of it, is it good?"  

   "It's amazing! The fruit punch is my favourite!" I tell him. 

  He laughs. Damn, his laugh.

   "You will have to have your brothers send some of that too then," 

   "Oh trust me. I will so you can try it," I say.

  He nods and continues to eat the rest of my ONLY box of Cheez-its. Brat. I finish putting everything away and he throws the empty box in the trash. He follows me into the lounge room and we sit on the couch. 

   "Can we go to yours so we can actually watch something? Cable man won' t be here until tomorrow," I chuckle.

   "Of course. We can go watch a movie and have some tea," he says getting up.

   "YES!!!!" I shout and practically run to the front door, beating him to his flat. 

  He laughs and shuts my door. Cal unlocks the door and I sit myself on the couch to find something for us to watch as he makes us some tea. I flip through some channels and find Dirty Dancing. Yes! I love this movie. Cal finally comes in with the tea and hands me my cup. I thank him and he sits next to me. I cuddle up to him some since it's a little cool in his flat compared to mine. He slips an arm around my shoulders and we focus on the movie.

  It is the part in the movie when Johnny is teaching Baby the lift, when Cal's phone goes off. He takes his arm from around me and sits up. He sets his cup on the table in front of us where our feet were and pulls his phone out, apologizing at the same time.

   "My mates texted me and asked if they could come over. Do you mind them coming?" he asks me.

   "No not at all," I give him a little smile. I truly don't care if they come. It would be nice to meet people since I only know Cal.

  He nods and texts whoever back. He sets his phone down after and leans back, putting his arm back around me.

   "They should be here in like 10," I nod leaning back into his side.

  Almost exactly 10 minutes later, three guys barge into the flat and being loud might I add. They all stop once they see me. 

   "Who's the babe?" one with colored hair asks.

   "Boys, this is Adaline. She just moved here yesterday from the states. Addy, these are my best mates/band mates. Michael, Luke, and Ashton," Cal introduces.

   "It's very nice to meet you Adaline," Ashton says shaking my hand. Wow does he have huge hands!

   "Nice to meet you as well. Call my Addy," I tell them. 

  The other two say hello and we all sit. It's me, Cal, and Michael on the couch while Luke is in the recliner and Ashton on the floor leaning against the couch. We continue watching Dirty Dancing before Michael complains that he is hungry. 

   "Stop complaining and just order some pizza already," Luke tells him. 

   "Maybe I don't want to order the pizza. You do it," Michael protests.

   "You're the one complaining you're hungry!" Luke raises his voice some.

   "Yeah well I don't want to call it in!" Michael says back.

   "Will you two stop?! I'll order the damn pizza!" Ashton yells at them. 

  Ashton stands up with his phone and walks towards the kitchen. You could hear a mumbled thank you from the two of them. I look at Cal as he chuckles.  

   "Do they always do that?" I ask him in a whisper. 

   "Yeah. They're idiots," he laughs. 

  I nod and Ashton comes back it saying it will be here in 30 and we continue to watch the movie. 




  The movie ends and the pizza arrives. Michael ends up paying for it and they all rush to the kitchen. I stay seated and look for something else to watch. 

   "Michael wants another slice. Michael wants another slice. Michael wants another slice of PIZZA! PIZZA!" I hear the guys chant in the kitchen, on their way back in. 

  I giggle at how weird they all are. I can just tell already that I made the right choice moving to Aussie.

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