I Love You

3 words. 8 letters. Say it and I'm yours.


2. Faygo and Cheez-Its


  I have been in Australia for a week now. On Calum's days off, he comes and hangs out with me and shows me around Sydney. On others I call Greg and adventure the city myself. As boring as it sounds, it's kinda nice. 

  I walk up to my flat after coming home from the corner store and pick up my package from the front desk on my way. I asked Travis to send me some Faygo and cheez-its since I can't find them here so that's probably what it is. Plus it's heavy. I unlock my door and set the stuff on the counter top. I put away the stuff from the corner store and grab my pocket knife to open the box. I unfold the flaps to two family-sized boxes of cheez-its and about 16 cans of the Faygo fruit punch sodas. Man I love my brother! I put the boxes in the pantry and the cans in fridge. I text Trav and tell him thank you. I walk into my room and change into a pair of black leggings and leave my baggy sweatshirt on. I grab a can of soda and plop myself on the couch. Turning the telly on, I couldn't find anything so I change it to Netflix and watch old Saved By the Bell episodes. 


  Being so engrossed in my show, I didn't even notice the boys come in. Cal scared the shit out of me when he sat next to me. They laughed. 

   "You should really start locking your door Addy," Luke laughs. 

   "Why when I am in here?"

   "Because this is the second time this week we have walked in and scared you because you don't pay attention," Ash laughs.

   "Yeah yeah," I mumble and take a sip from the can.

   "What's this?" Cal asks taking the can from my hand and taking a sip.

   "That my friend, is Faygo fruit punch. My brother sent me some," I tell him. 

   "Holy fuck this is good!" he says.

   "Told you," I smirk and take the can back.

   "Wait... If he sent you that... That means," Calum's eyes light up. 

  He gets up and dashes to the kitchen. I see him open the pantry and curse under my breath. He prances back in with one of the boxes of cheez-its in his hands. I laugh a little and roll my eyes playfully. 

   "What are those?" Mikey asks pointing to the box in Calum's hands. 

   "Delicious cheese squares," Cal says.

   "They're called Cheez-its. They're from America and so is the soda I have in my fridge," I tell him.

  He gets up and walks to Cal, taking some cheez-its from the box. He puts one in his mouth and his eyes light up. 

   "These are the shit!" he yells. 

  I laugh at him and see that Luke and Ash are in the kitchen. Luke comes back with a can of soda and Ash has a the box of Hundreds and Thousands Biscuits. Luke opens the can and takes a sip. He looks at me after he swallows.

   "Why have I not had this before?!" 

   "Well they are made in Michigan, in the States," 

   "I know what I am stocking up on when we go back to America for tour and stop there!" he says taking another sip.

  I laugh. After a couple minutes, Luke is burping like crazy. I cannot stop laughing at how scared he looks by this.

   "What the hell is happening, Addy? Why am I burping so much?!" he questions.

   "It is from all of the carbon in the soda and you are drinking it too fast. Duh," I laugh. 

  Cal gives the box of cheez-its to Mikey and puts his arm around my shoulders. I look at him and he gives me a warm smile that I return. 

   "What's this?" Ash asks gesturing to the telly.

   "Saved By the Bell. Y'all are just full of questions aren't ya?" 

   "Y'all?" Luke laughs.

   "Yes I say y'all. I was born and raised in Nashville and it's what we say," I sass him. 

  He puts his hands up in defense. I focus back on Saved By the Bell. I have watched most of these episodes many times but oh well. We sat there and laughed at the funny parts. Someone's phone went off and it turned out to be Luke's because he asked if it was okay that his girlfriend came over. I said yes of course. More the merrier.

  There is a faint knock on the front door, Luke jumped up and answered.

   "Addy, this is my girlfriend, Arzaylea. Babe, this is Addy, Cal's neighbor," Luke introduces.

  I stand up to greet her. 

   "Hi, it's nice to meet you Addy," she smiles.

   "It's nice to meet you too. Make yourself at home," I tell her. 

  She smiles again and thanks me. Her and Luke sit together on the floor and we just continue to sit around my flat all day. 




  Today Arzaylea and I are going shopping. When she came over the other day, we got along great. It's nice to have a girl to hangout with. I pull up my blue jeans and put on a guns and roses tee. It was a little chilly here since it is September so I put a flannel on over. I slip my black TOMS on and grab my purse and phone, heading down to the front room and out to Arzaylea's car. 

   "Hey girl. You ready to shop 'til we drop?" she asks.

   "Hell yeah!" we both laugh.

  We drive down the streets of Sydney and listen to the radio. I start sing along to Ariana Grande and turn to see Arzaylea is too. We smile and sing louder, laughing with the windows down. The song soon ends and we laugh it off more.

   "You have a great voice Addy," she tells me.

   "Thank you!" 

  We pull into the carpark of the Shopping mall and make our way inside. The first store we see is H&M. We walk in and start to scan the racks. I found a couple of tees and so did Arzaylea so we go and try them on. 

   "So. You and Cal something?" she asks.

   "Noooo. We are just great friends. I mean I have only known him for like two weeks," I tell her.

   "Oh come on. I see the way he looks at you. He feels something for you Addy and I know you feel something for him too," she says.

   "Well he is good looking and very sweet..." I lead on.

   "See!" she says a little loud.

  I laugh as I look in the mirror in one of the shirts I grabbed. Maybe I do feel something for Calum. He is really sweet and funny. Stop Adaline. It is waaaay too soon to decide if you feel something major for him. Just like what he put as his contact name in my phone. He's just my hot neighbor. 

  I decide that I like all of the shirts I picked out and walk out of the fitting room. Arzaylea walks out and we go to pay. We walk into a couple other stores and I buy a couple other things before I get a text from Cal.


             From: Hot Neighbor

                        Hey Ads. I know you are out with Arzaylea, but could you two bring me and the lads something for lunch to the studio? We can't leave and are starving


  I laugh a little because I know he is exaggerating some about starving.


             To: Hot Neighbor

                       Yeah I guess we could bring y'all something to eat. What are you wanting?


             From: Hot Neighbor 

                        Could you bring some Nando's? *Their orders* Thank you so much Addy! You're the best!


  I smile at what he says last and lock my phone.

   "Cal texted and asked if we could bring them Nando's," i tell Arzaylea.

   "Okay. We can just leave now, take them food and then we can go to some more shops that aren't in here," she says. I nod and we walk out to the car. 


  The lady leads us to the studio that the guys are working in today. We thank her and walk in. Michael and Luke are in the booth recording some vocals while Calum and Ashton are sitting with two other guys. We walk behind them to a table and set the bags down. They haven't noticed that we are here yet. Luke and Mikey get done recording and come out of the booth. The two of them see us first and rush to us then the others turn. Cal comes up and hugs me.

   "Thank you Addy. How much was it?" 

   "You're welcome and don't worry about it. My treat for you guys," 

   "Are you sure?" he asks.

   'Yeah. Positive," I smile. 

  He smiles back and sits back in his chair with his food. All 6 guys have their food and are eating.

   "Okay. Addy and I are gonna go shop more and eat something ourselves," Arzaylea tells them. 

  They all yell a thank you as we leave and continue on with our day of shopping.




   "Thank you so much for having a girls day with me," Arzaylea tells me.

   "Anytime! It's nice knowing another girl around here," I laugh.

  I wave goodbye to her and walk up to my flat. I open the door and set my bags down in my bedroom. I take everything I bought and put them where they belong. After that I walk to the kitchen.

   "Hmm. What to do," I say out loud to myself. 

  I take a sip of my Faygo. It's about 5 in the afternoon and I think Cal is still in the studio and Arzaylea had family to go see. I have absolutely nothing to do. I would call one of my brothers, but it's midnight there and I know for sure that Henry and Maya are sleeping because of Manny. I walk over to the radio that I have that hangs from under my top cabinets. I blast some music. I love music. It is just something special to me. I love all kinds of it. I turn the station until I hear something that isn't bad. 12 Ridge by Tommy P. ( Seriously. Go on YouTube and listen please. You won't regret!) Tommy P is one of my favorites! I start to dance around a little and sing along to the chorus since I can't rap. 

  I dance around as it goes into another great song. It ends and I hear chuckling behind me. I turn and see Calum recording me and laughing. 

  "CALUM! What the hell?" I ask while shouting some. 

  He just keeps laughing and put his phone down. I walk over to the radio and turn it down.

   "That's not funny, Cal," I tell him.

   "Oh come on. It was cute, Addy," he smiles and walks towards me.

  I lean against the counter and he stands in front of me. He leans over me and his hands are rested on either side of me. I took a deep breath in, smelling his cologne and take in a sharp shallow breath. He leans his face in close to mine. Inches away from each other. He smiles at me. I return it instantly. After staying like that for a good 15 seconds, he pushes himself off of the counter and walks into the lounge. I hurry and pull myself together and follow right behind him. We sit on the couch and he puts his arm around my shoulders as usual and looks for something on the telly to watch. What the hell was that?

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