Pets are mericals!

After a walk in the park with there pets, Sabrina and her sisters don't realize what's coming next in their busy & boring music loving lives


2. The Park

The next day Jaden, Jessie, and Sabrina took their cats and dogs for a walk in the park. Maggy ended up running away because she saw an animal in the distance. Sabrina started chasing her across the park yelling "Maggy come back here". (The other animal ended up being a husky puppy.)

Sabrina ran as fast as she could and grabbed Maggy while saying "Sorry about my dog, I don't know what got into her!" She looks up and was shocked to see James standing right there before her eyes. As he said softly "No problem at least the dogs didn't have a fight or something" Sabrina giggled while replying "Right". "So hey my name is James, what about yours?." Sabrina blushed as she answered "My names Sabrina and I kinda know who you are." James questions "You do?.", "Yeah I could tell that was your dog Fox, my cousins and I are fans", " we love BTR". James smiles while saying "Awesome I love meeting our fans.", " Well I have to go", "nice meeting you James"

Sabrina starts walking away yet James doesn't want her to leave so he yells "Wait". She then comes back. "Uh I didn't get your number?, I like keeping in touch with the fans we have the opportunity meeting.", "Ok can I put my number in your phone?" Sabrina replied quickly. "Sure here" Then she left and walked home with her cousins and their pets. Jaden wanted to know everything so Sabrina spilled it all to both of them.

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