Pets are mericals!

After a walk in the park with there pets, Sabrina and her sisters don't realize what's coming next in their busy & boring music loving lives


1. Introduction

I'm 18! Was the only thing Sabrina could think about the past week since her birthday.

Since Sabrina is 18 she's planning to move out and live on her own. She has a German Shepard named "Maggy" and couldn't find a place to live with a big enough yard. Although she wanted to live on her own, 2 of her cousins were moving out and both had animals anyways so they decided to live together. It took almost a month or so to figure out what was best, but they eventually found one, packed their stuff and moved. Once they officially moved in with their pets and stuff, they finally felt all grown up.


Sabrina wanted to be a drummer/singer the past couple years but needed a band to go anywhere. Thankfully her cousin Jaden could sing and play guitar, while her other cousin Jessie could play bass and harmonize. Since they lived together and had nothing to do they formed a band called "Peace Wings". Unfortunately due to just starting out as a band, they needed to make there own music but in the mean time, they played Big Time Rush covers.

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