The Twins!

Aria and Spencer haven't got a clue about love but will that change when they meet Jai and Luke. Will they fall for the bad boys? Are they really bad boys? Is this just an act? Guess you'll have to find out...


3. Room mates?

*Aria P.O.V."

I can't believe we are getting an apartment but when I called the guy he said it was 4 rooms and that 2 other guys were interested in it. UGGGGHHH!!! He said its 4 rooms so we could just be room mates with them. I haven't told Spenc yet she is totally gonna freak out, She is a huge drama queen. I wonder if the guys we 'might' move in with are our age? Or if they are cute?

*Jai P.O.V*


"Yes Jai Brooks speaking"

"Hello Mr.Brooks, Um this is Tim from the Melbourne Realty company"

"Oh hi Tim"

"Do you have a moment?"

"Of course sir"

"Well there are 2 other girls applying for the apartment"

"Isn't the apartment 4 rooms?"

"Yes sir"

"Then can't we all room or something"

"I told the girls that opportunity but they are coming to look at it next week thursday if you wanna come and see them"

"We will be there thanks"

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