The Twins!

Aria and Spencer haven't got a clue about love but will that change when they meet Jai and Luke. Will they fall for the bad boys? Are they really bad boys? Is this just an act? Guess you'll have to find out...


5. Crushes?

*Jai's P.O.V.*

Me, Luke, Aria, and Spencer got a hotel so we could adapt to eachothers life style... we learned that Spencer likes things clean and Aria, not so much. Then Luke came up with the brilliant idea of truth or dare.

"Aria Truth or Dare!" I asked her and she just looked at me with those I hate you eyes that just make you melt because they are so cute. Jai stop you can't like her bro she is your roommate.

*Skip to next day*

*Luke's P.O.V.*

We were walking in to the empty apartment and we picked our rooms. Mine was right across from the beautiful Spencers. I was thinking of asking her out but then there is the chance if we break up it would be totally awkward living with each other.


A/N: This is officially the shortest one I have ever written! I am extremely sorry...

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