The Twins!

Aria and Spencer haven't got a clue about love but will that change when they meet Jai and Luke. Will they fall for the bad boys? Are they really bad boys? Is this just an act? Guess you'll have to find out...


2. Best friends... and Brothers...

*Spencer's P.O.V*

So as you may know my best friends name is Aria, we have been best friends since age 3. What you don't know is that we've lived together since we were 16. It's because her Mom and Dad both passed in a plane crash. So her being my best friend we let her live with us because she is like a second child to my mom. But now we are 18 looking for an apartment on our own obviously we don't wanna live in our first apartment alone so me and Aria are moving together. As we were flipping through the news papers and catalogs Aria yelled

"Hey Spenc, Look at this one in Melbourne"

We lived in Sydney so Melbourne was about an hour and a half flight but it took about 9 hours to drive there.

"Isn't the Melbourne Aussie apartment complex kind of far?"

"No not if we fly..."

"What about holidays?"

"Fly back duhhh!" I giggled at the way she said duh not far after she giggled as well

"Well it is nice. Plus it is cheap yeah I guess Melbourne it is!"

*Lukes P.O.V."

So me and my twin  brother Jai are tired of living with our dumb ass brother Beau. Everytime we bring a girl home he charms her and we are stuck women less. Are you wondering why Ariana Grande cheated on him... It was with Beau! Me and Jai need to get our own place out here in Melborne and actually get a girl that won't leave us for Beau.

"Hey Jai have you found any apartments yet?"

"Actually yes... One called Melbourne Aussie apartment complex"

"That sounds nice!"

"Luke, trust me it is."

"Call them and get the apartment!"

"Calm down bro I already did"

"We are moving out of here!!"

And if you can't imagine this is where we kind or did a big man hug!

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