My brother is Luke Hemmings

Maddison is an average 17 year old girl until a secret her mom kept from her spills and meets her brother who turns out to be Luke Hemmings.


3. Chapter 3

"Not mum I'm not ok,"I said walking past her. Luke walked me to his car,"what was that about?" "We can't date we can go places together but we can't date,"I said without making eye contact. I felt him look at me,"why?" "Ok this hit me hard and I know it will hit you hard too. You're my half brother,"I said. He looked at me with mixed emotions,"what?!" "I know right. That was my reaction. Well apparently my mum had an affair with your father and that got her pregnant. She had you an gave you to your father. Your mum or your fathers wife forgave him and decided to take care of you with your father. On the other hand my mum is a slut and had sex with another man which is my father that I never met and had me. She couldn't find my father so she kept me,"I said,"and then kept it away from me for 16 years."

We got to the place and ate in almost complete silence. Awkward much. He paid and said he was going to drop me off at my place.

I walked in and straight past mum. I had ten text from Lucy and three voicemails. I decided to listen to the voicemails first.

1. Hey where are you I thought tonight was movie night. We were going to watch mean girls and other crappy chick flicks.

2. Dude pick up the phone it's not like you to miss two of my calls. I'm going to your place after two more tries.

3. Fuck I sound desperate. Do whatever the hell you want you're probably with Luke so I don't give a fuck about what you do. You're on your own. Bye.

Fuck I just ruined a perfect relationship with my best friend. I didn't bother reading the text I just went straight to calling her. (M-Maddison L-Lucy)

L- what the hell do you want bitch.

M- look I'm sorry I really am I'm going through a tough night. I mean very tough night.

L- let me guess Luke ditched you and went out with so either girl.

M- what the hell Lucy! No! He's my fucking half brother!

L- WHAT! He's your half brother! No way!

M-I'm not kidding Lucy. My mum kept it from me for 16 years.

L- oh ouch! That must hurt! I feel sorry for ya Maddison.

M- thanks you're really helping. (Sarcasm)

L- you're welcome. Bye.

M- bye.


Ouch tough break for Maddison.

Sorry I haven't updated in like forever and for the shitty chapter.

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