My brother is Luke Hemmings

Maddison is an average 17 year old girl until a secret her mom kept from her spills and meets her brother who turns out to be Luke Hemmings.


2. Chapter 2

I was home and mom was watching TV. "Mum I have a date,"I said. "Really?"she said,"what's his name?" "Luke,"I said. "Oh that's great honey. What time?"she asked. "Um...about 5 maybe,"I said shrugging. "Ok well we don't have any plans so yeah I guess you can go,"she said.

4 o'clock rolled in and he said something nice and fancy. My god what to wear. I thought about it while I was in the shower. I got out put on a nice teal blue strapless cocktail dress. Curled my perfectly natural blonde straight hair and applied some eyeliner and shadow to make my blue eyes pop. I check the time. 4:50. Ok I'm good.

I hear a knock on the door and mom answers it. She went white. "Um...Maddison is your mum ok?"he asked. "Maddison can we talk in private?"mum asked. "Sure mum,"I said walking to the kitchen. "Maddie you can't go on that date,"she said with seriousness in her tone. "Why,"I said. "Because he's your brother." The words hit me like a train. "M-my w-what?"I asked. "Your. Brother." My brother oh my god. "How long have you kept this from me?" "16 years." "16 years. What the fuck mum!" "Maddison language,"she warned me. "Mum 16 goddam years and you didn't think that one day I would find out." "I was young and wasn't ready to be a mum so I gave him to his father after he was one and I got with your dad and had you. When I had you I knew I was ready to be a mum. He is your half brother. His father must have gotten re married or something. But still Maddison you can't go on this date,"she said. I didn't know what to say. I was speechless. "Maddison. Are you ok?"she asked. "No mum I'm not ok,"I said.

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