My brother is Luke Hemmings

Maddison is an average 17 year old girl until a secret her mom kept from her spills and meets her brother who turns out to be Luke Hemmings.


1. Chapter 1

I walked into kitchen with my my headphones turned up all the way. "Maddison turn your music down!"mum yelled so I could hear her. "Fine,"I said rolling my eyes. Wait why did I go into the kitchen? Whatever. I walked back upstairs to my room. My phone buzzed. Lucy.

Lucy: Hey wanna come to my place later and you know shop and stuff like that

Me: Yeah cool with me

Lucy: K see u later

Me: U 2

"Hey mum I'm going to Lucy's place later!"I shouted. "Ok but be back by 11 tonight,"she said. "Ok,"I said.

I was walking to her place and someone ran into me. "Dude what the hell watch where your going!"I said. "Oh my god I so sorry,"he said. The voice was so familiar. "I'm Luke how bout you?"he gestured his hand to help me up. "Maddison,"I said taking his hand. It was warm and had a comforting feeling. I saw his face. "Oh my freaking god! Luke Hemmings!"I said. He smiled. "The one and only,"he said bowing down.

"Hey where you going?"he asked,"I'll walk with you." " my friend Lucy's house." "Where is it?"he asked. Down the street a bit. Like about 5 minutes or so,"I said. "Cool lets go,"he said shrugging,"but is there a back route because the boys are out to get me. We're playing tag." "Yeah,"I said.

*walks to Lucy's house*

"Ok this is it,"I said. She walked out her house. "Fucking damn it,"I heard her mumble. "Oh great. Thought I'd never see you again,"Luke said. She rolled her eyes. "Wait, you know each other?"I asked. "Yeah we dated for a while,"Luke said. "You know what? Get away from me, my friends, and my house! I said I never wanted to see you again!"she yelled. "Damn bitch calm the fuck down,"he said and hugged me. "I hope we can see each other again,"he whispered into my ear and walked off. "MADDISON! What the hell are you doing with...him!"she said. "I'm sorry I just met the dude! He just ran into me,"I said,"literally!"

"Mum! Madison's here!"she shouted. "Ok,"Marie said. Marie's Lucy's mum. "Ok what to do? Oh oh let's go to the mall!"she said,"I'll drive." "Cool with me,"I said and shrugged.

*drives to mall*

" we do now?"she asked. I gave her a smile. Her eyes widened and she grabbed my wrist and ran. We arrived at Hot Topic. "Yes!"she said. I felt that same warm hand on me. I turned it was him. "Hey. Didn't think I'd see you here,"he said. "Yeah Hot Topic is my absolute favorite store,"I said. "Same here. Me and the boys come here all the time. I saw Ashton with Michael. Calum was alone. Lucy shot me a glare. " I gotta go,"I said. "Yeah that's cool,"he said and pulled me I for a hug. He smiled the dimples in his smile are so damn cute. I smiled and he walked somewhere else in the store. He turned around mid-step and said,"hey you" "Sure,"I said.

"Hey boys I'm back,"I heard him say. "Hey it's almost noon we have to go soon you wanna buy something or not,"Lucy said. "We can go,"I said. We walked to The Guitar Store because I needed new strings for both my electric and my acoustic. "Hey Maddison what will it be today? Looking for a new acoustic or a new electric?"Logan, the hottest fucking employe ever, said. "Um...just some strings,"I said. "Yeah. For both?" "Yeah." Logan has brown hair, olive skin, straight,white teeth, and the hottest American accent. Rumor says he has a six pack. "Bitch stop flirting and buy the damn strings!"Lucy says. "Okay just calm down,"I said. I bought the strings and we went to Starbucks. "What will it be?" "Um...a Tiramisu Latte,"I said. "And for you?"she said pointing at Lucy. "I'll have a Caramel Flan Latte." "And is that it?" "Yes."

Our drinks came out and I took a sip. "Shit!"I whisper-yell,"it's scorching hot!" Lucy started laughing.

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