Project Z (Preparation/Character Entries here)

Project Z - Republish! A brand new, original RPG(-ish) TellTale(-ish) series that allows you to make choices, but does not require a lot of patience and time for the players.
Gain Weapons, skills, friends and enemies(*crosses out*) in this strange world, and surviving is your only chance...
"Will it... ever end?"


9. Test Subject 04: Deliah Green

Test subject: 04

Name: Deliah Green(Character by @lolly sisters)

Age: 16(Have not decided)

Nationality: American

Sex: Female

Sexuality of Interest: Male

Personality: Rude, cruel and mean. Deliah despises others and finds difficulty getting people to understand her. She enjoys strange things such as small children's T.V. shows, her favourite being "In the night garden." Does not like smiling but is open to alliances that benefit herself.

Appearance: Hourglass figure with brown tangled hair that reaches down to her waist, usually in a ponytail. She has green eyes, also pale skin with lots of freckles. Wears rose patterned jeans with a crop top under a blue hoodie.

Families/Relationships: She grew up in an alleyway with her "mother" who taught her how to beg and attack people. Deliah was picked up by a man who became her "father" and started to be trained as a hit-man.

History: Was abandoned as a child and grew up with a "mother" who taught her to survive. Her "mother" died at ten and she picked up training as a hit-man.

Likes/hobbies: Playing with guns, school, wiring bombs, cooking.

Dislikes/Weakness: Open spaces, and males. She is terrified of them as she is worried to get too close. 

Specialty/Strength: She is an incredibly fast runner and can sneak by almost undetected.

Daily Routine: Wakes up, washes face with water from river, steal some food from a bakery nearby, physical/mental training, lunch, learns about technology, goes home and have dinner, later goes to sleep.

Other objects: A golden pin from her "father", is kept as a sign of safety and a choker from her "mother".


Battle Status


Defence: 2

Agility: 5

Remaining Ability Points: 0

Weapon: Gun: hand designed by Deliah, has bullets that will paralyse the body where it is shot. Every time it shot gains 2 attack points(only when PvP) 

Skill: Sneakiness: 2 Agility points gain every chapter when Deliah is the main character.


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