Project Z (Preparation/Character Entries here)

Project Z - Republish! A brand new, original RPG(-ish) TellTale(-ish) series that allows you to make choices, but does not require a lot of patience and time for the players.
Gain Weapons, skills, friends and enemies(*crosses out*) in this strange world, and surviving is your only chance...
"Will it... ever end?"


16. Chapter 6: Log Book


This is the chapter where the logs of the project are recorded. It will be update ever so often so feel free to check it out.


 - Published Log Book Chapter.

 - Changed 14 character into 10.

 - Finished & published Preparation chapters of the project.

 - Have 6/10 of the characters entered.

 - Accidentally deletes the log book so have to rewrite the entire thing.


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