Project Z (Preparation/Character Entries here)

Project Z - Republish! A brand new, original RPG(-ish) TellTale(-ish) series that allows you to make choices, but does not require a lot of patience and time for the players.
Gain Weapons, skills, friends and enemies(*crosses out*) in this strange world, and surviving is your only chance...
"Will it... ever end?"


5. Chapter 5: Character Forms

This time I’ll be publishing some Pre-structured Characters. Especially for people don’t have the brain/creativity to think of an OC, but is willing to enter the game. Mainly they’re just some cool characters, but do take a look at them before filling in an OC. The pre-structured characters are usually the first to be accepted in the game, ignore my selfishness of liking those character’s personality. (:


1. 18 years extrovert girl that acts like the leader/big sister of the group. The eldest in all test subject. Almost always optimistic, but also aggressive. Tragic backstory welcomed.


2. A nerdy gamer boy with black hair and really pale skin, around the age of 15-16. Does not like interaction between people and usually acts awkwardly towards them. Have almost none surviving skills(or sport skills) but is the brain of his group. Has an normal average life(which he thinks is boring) until now.


3. 13 years old girl that looks/acts like a boy. Is extremely agile and sporty, does not like people mentioning about how she acts like a boy, even though everyone thought she was a boy when they first met her. Tragic backstory welcomed.


4. Lone boy that happens to be separated from his twin brother when he has been chosen for the test subject. His brother’s whereabouts are unknown, so he had assumed him dead. Have a small crush on his own brother but did not say so because of incest and homophobia of their parents. His feelings are hidden behind the mask of mischievous. People often thinks he’s the flirty boy in his group.


5. The boy among the oldest kids in the groups. Is more gentle and calm than the girl in pre-structured character 1.  Seems slow and and unhurried at any time, but is surprisingly really smart. Innocent looking, and is the top class student before being chosen as a test subject. (Love to be together with the girl in 1 XD *ignore me because I ship those two really hard*)


Character Form:

Pre-structured Character: (The codename of the pre-structured character on the list above. Leave blank if you’re filling in an OC.)


Name: (a name that fits your character's nationality e.g. if your character is Japanese, they will have a Japanese name.)


Age: (test subjects are from the age of 13-18. Their age has to be realistic because don’t tell me a 13 years old girl can be as mature as a 21 years old adult. )


Nationality: (Your character must be human and from the Earth, e.g. Swedish, English...)


Sex: (As in... boy/girl)


Sexuality of interest: (If you want to start a relationship with another character, ask the other character's owner to see if they agree on this relationship. Love to have a lot of relationships in the story[x )


Personality: (2.5 lines, start at a new line. Around 45 words in total.)


Appearance: (Minimum of 2 lines, around 40 words)


Families/Relationship: (Most test characters are from an average family but exception can be made.)


History: (Around 1.5 lines, 30 words or so. 

I will actually count them one by one. 

I will actually count them one by one. 

I will actually count them one by one.

It’s important so I’ll have to say it three times. (´・ω・`))


Like/hobbies: (Be creative)




Specialty/Strength: (A battle related strength can be transform into a Skill.)


Weakness: (Please don’t let them be too perfect that’s the worst thing I get for you)


Daily routine: (40 words or more)


Test Subject: (choose a number from 01 to 10, and it is the codename of your character. Make sure it is not the same as any other character)


-BATTLE STATUS- (See more information on Ability Points in Chapter 4) 

(10 points in total, distribute to all three category in any way you want)








Remain ability points: (the rest of your points after assigning)


A weapon that he/she holds/will receive: (Or choose a catalogue of weapon of what he/she will be suitable with. Like light to carry, massive and lethal, high-tech. Write backstory of the weapon if you can.)


Skills: (Each character may only have 0 - 1 skill at the start of the game.)


Two other Object that the character carries with them: (backstory needed.)


Any other information that the author needs to know?: (Please delete all brackets for readability when I read them.)


—Please answer these question below —


Have you read all of the chapters 1 - 5 before you fill in the form? :



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