Project Z (Preparation/Character Entries here)

Project Z - Republish! A brand new, original RPG(-ish) TellTale(-ish) series that allows you to make choices, but does not require a lot of patience and time for the players.
Gain Weapons, skills, friends and enemies(*crosses out*) in this strange world, and surviving is your only chance...
"Will it... ever end?"


4. Chapter 4: Special Terms in Game


Battle is an important element in the game. It is usually PVP than PvE, only exceptions are on Boss fights that will happen later in the game. How Battles are calculated depends on a character’s ability points, but it is calculated as showed below:

A battles B. A random draw will decide on who will begin (for example A), then the one who began will attack the opponent, meaning A’s attack will be compared to B’s. 


How Attack are calculated: Attack points + (Agility points x 10)% (of the Attack points).

How Defence are calculated: Defence points + Agility points ÷ 2


Attack minus defence is how much it will hurt the defence’s health. If Defense is greater than Attack none damage is caused on either side.

The second round starts with the Defensive side attacking (so for our example, B will attack.) The same way the attack will be compared to defence, if Defence win this time it is a tie and a third round is played, else wise B wins both rounds.

The third round both character’s health is compared and the character with the most health wins.


Ability Points:

Ability Points are catalogued into 3 type: Attack, Defence and Agility. All three are being used in the battle system so it is important for your character to train themselves on all 3 type. Sometimes special events will happen and only characters with their ability points higher than a value will survive.

You can gain ability throughout the story and sometimes you can choose to “train with other characters” in order to gain ability points. You can assign your ability points to any type you want, or save it for later situation.

Each character is given 10 ability points at the start of the game for everyone to assign.

This is some really important knowledge and feature of the game so if you read this please put the name of your favourite movie with your character entry when you enter, so I know who actually read this. 


Decision responding:

A character will need to respond to a decision in the story throughout the game, and this effects the result and the storyline of the story (duh). It’s like an telltale game except in different perspectives. If your character’s POV is used in a specific chapter it usually means that you need to make an decision so read the chapter and decide using the format below and post it in the comments, for example:

I (character number 08) walked into a small alley. Should I:

[A] turn right

[B] turn left

character number has chosen [option letter] in chapter name.


There are certain deadline (2 weeks) in which the character need to respond to its decision before a random decision is forced to use in the story, unless the character owner has announce his/her absence.

This is really important element in the story so if you’re reading this post post the name of your pet(s) (or none) with your character form in the comment.



Weapon are used in certain parts of the story, its functions is for the characters to gain ability points during the course of the story. The character can change his/her weapon throughout the game when it is available as a decision, and they can also own one at the start of the game when it is put in the character form. Also when a character dies his/her weapon is able to be collected by others. Its function will be decide by the author based on its type (e.g. a rifle gains attack points for its owner every chapter when its owner appears).

Each character can only own one weapon so when a character chose to change his/her weapon it is unable to change back. Note, sometimes a weapon may have better functions but the old weapon may contain memories of his/her family etc.



Skills are also used for the characters to gain ability points. Its function will be decided by the author (e.g. Speed Parkour allows a character to gain Agility points every time the character appears in a chapter.)

A character can learn certain abilities from other characters when it is chosen as a decision. A character can learn unlimited amounts of skills, but only 1 is limited at the start of the game.

(Read the next chapter to continue)

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