Project Z (Preparation/Character Entries here)

Project Z - Republish! A brand new, original RPG(-ish) TellTale(-ish) series that allows you to make choices, but does not require a lot of patience and time for the players.
Gain Weapons, skills, friends and enemies(*crosses out*) in this strange world, and surviving is your only chance...
"Will it... ever end?"


1. Chapter 1: How it works

Hey there I'm Ender. Here we're again.

The last time after Project Z Preparation was released, I was busy from school work and other stuff, so I kind of gave up. Apologies to everyone who signed up. But now I'll try to fit this project in, and hopefully it will be more organised and less people will be confused like last time *cough*

For people who does not know Project Z, this is an interactive RPG story — or more like a game, to be played between 6-10 players.



To join, firstly favourite this movella and Project Z (when it has come out) so you can see new updates for the story and know when it is your character's turn to make a decision. (It's really awkward for me really, since I had to ask for favourites like a ( ͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °).)

For consequences of if your character did not respond in time, Check Chapter 2 to see the list of rules.

Check out any free characters that you think is interested from Chapter 5: Characters, or fill in your own OC with the form there. 

Post the form below, and I will look through them to see if the character is approved or not. This time I'll be more strict, so please do not feel offended if your character is rejected. (Hint: see the rules for characters, and make sure that the character form applies to all rules for character creating. This saves more time for me to look through all your errors, and then I can get on to the actual story writing.)

If your character is accepted, it will be posted on a new chapter as a update so during the game people can check them as references.



6 characters (minimum amount of characters needed for the game to start)are accepted, a new movellas will be published. This is where the story start. Please do not post any unnecessary comments there, post what you would like to say down in this comment section.

The story will be in different character's POVs, and will be changed frequently. The title will be in a format of:

Number of World : Chapter Number - Character numbers*.

For example: 01 : Chapter 6 - 03,05,06


*: Characters that have appeared in the chapter. The main character(using his/her POV) will be placed first, and is the one who makes decision in this round.

If a chapter is written in your character's POV, this usually means that at the end of the chapter your character is needed to respond to a decision. The character's owner is also tagged in the comment section. An example of how to properly respond a decision is in Chapter 4: Special Terms in Game.


Two or more stories are being written at the same time with characters POVs who have not meet each other during the course of the game.

Post your character's respond in the comments section under the movella "Project Z". This is the preparation movellas so none of the character respond will be recognised if it is post here.

For other rules for Character Respond and decision making, see Chapter 2's Characters Responding Rules.



Rarely, a battle occurs between one character and another in the story, and is mostly decided on a character's personality, and logic of the situation, etc. It is more PvP based rather than PvE, the only exception is boss fights. But for those mainly characters will teamed together to battle.

There are three battle related elements in the game: weapon, skills and most importantly ability points. All three of them will be explained more thoroughly in Chapter 4: Special Terms in Game.

Most characters would have or will obtain a certain weapon during the course of the game. You may explain more detailedly of how the character got his/her chosen weapon or it is up to me to create a plot for how did he/she got this weapon. A character can choose to change his/her weapon when it is an option in Choice Section at the end of a chapter. Having weapons gains ability points for a certain type depend on what the weapon is.

A skill is similar to weapons, a character before entering the project can have 0-1 skills, but characters can gain skills during the game too. If a new skill is learnt it will be added onto the character's form, which is posted in future chapters when a character is submitted. There're no limit on how many skills a character an have. Skills also earns ability points depends on its type. A skill will not wear out.

Ability points are extremely important in the games, it is compared in battle -- a key element to decide who wins, and sometimes a specific type of ability point is tested and only the ones who have past the number will survive.


(Read the next chapter to continue.)

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