Those 5 Words

"Hi" I said while me heart is beating faster by the minute. I looked deeply into his blue eyes. The next 5 words changed my life forever. "Are you ready to go?"


2. { Two }

I stripped my clothes off and went into the shower. The hot water hit my body and relaxed me. I was thinking who was down stairs, why did he yell? Maybe it was more than one? After my shower I ran to my small closet. I picked out a black muscle tee with white words that said Rebel. I also picked out white shirt with my black toms. I left my hair down in big curls that goes down to my butt. I heard another scream so I ran downstairs to see 5 boys wrestling each other. " hello?" I asked in a confused voice. The curly haired one ran up to me and throw me to the floor with his body on me. " Your fat!" I yelled and pushed him off. He looked hurt then a smile spread across his face. The other boy looked and Me and laughed. I looked across the room to see the little old giving papers to a big guy. I ran to her and I started to ask her questions like " what the heck" and stuff like that. I would of started yelling but she cut me off by telling me that they blonde one was my brother. He walked over to us and said "hello". His irish accent so strong I was barley able to understand what he was saying. The big guy gave the papers back to her then her through my over his shoulder and walked out the door. I just layer there not even struggling. He put me inter back of a big limo with the rest of the boys coming after him. The one with jet black hair looked at me and smiled. He reached for my hand and shook it. " Hello love my name is zayn. " sup" I said. The curly one pulled me into a hug and said his name was Harry. Then a guy with biz cut hair dhole my hand and told me to call him Liam. Then a boy with big brown eyes pulled me into a hug and I just melted. " Your Hot" I randomly said at him. " thanks love you not to bad your self, and my name is Louis" I just nodded and saw the blonde one glaring and him. Then the blonde one looked ant me and grabbed my by my waist and pulled me into the biggest hug ever! He told me his name was Niall and that he was my brother. Next thing I knew I slapped him on the face and ran into Louis lap to hide.

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