Those 5 Words

"Hi" I said while me heart is beating faster by the minute. I looked deeply into his blue eyes. The next 5 words changed my life forever. "Are you ready to go?"


1. { One }

Hi. I guess this is the part where I tell you about me self. Um my name is Bella and I have big curly blonde/brown hair that goes to my back and I'm 17. Right now I live in an adoption center. Yeah, my parents died when I was 10 and no one wants to adopt me! Yah! Note the sarcasm ( snaps fingers in a z ). Well today that is different! I was laying in my rusty old bed face o my gosh the wall when I heard the do squeak. "Bella honey, some people want to meet you!" I sighed and looked at her. The lady that walked in was the head of this place. She was a sweet old lady. I just faked a smile at her which made her laugh. " go get dress" she said while still laughing. I got annoyed so I asked what is so funny! She shook her head and said " you have no idea" then I heard a boy scream " MY HAIR"

( sorry it is short) ( wanted to at least get a chapter in)

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