Bad Boy Stole My Heart...



2. No, no, no!

A stupid English assignment. That's how it all started Just one mistake led me through many others. God... I did everything you would want a girl to do... I:

Paid Charity

Went to Church

Prayed for others health and barely for myself

Was a good girl and never, ever tasted wine... YUCK! Anyways.. I am on a mission right now. MMDI (Mission Most Definitely Impossible) Get back my cupcake from Chase. He is SO dead by the time I get done with that... Don't swear, Chloe. Calm down, deep in and out, and in, and out... MY FOOT! "I WANT MY CUPCAKE CHASE!", I screamed loud enough for the whole school to hear.

"COME AND GET IT!", he screeched, nearly as loud as me...- nearly! "What happened? Mi Goody Two Shoes too scared of me?" People giggled softly around me, but one death glare an they shut up. I knew how I was gonna settle this. In a matter of seconds, I had leapt onto him, grabbed the cupcake and squashed the contents on his face, earning full laughter all around. "Now that's," I started "how you get revenge people!" I strode a finger down his cheek. "Sweet, sweet revenge!", I say and licked the icing. "Mmm! Vanilla!", and giggled.

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