The X Project

When a girl discovers her imaginations come true, thanks to an experiment carried out on her when she was little, and that her imaginations can be controlled, she soon becomes a pawn for the government.

She realizes that she isn't fighting for the side she likes; but the scanty team she is able to come up with are not likely to guaranty her freedom and safety, and neither is the fact that the government has full control of her imaginations.



I was five when I first realized that my imaginations were coming to pass. It was my birthday, and so my parents arranged a small party for me. It was the type any five-year-old would love, but the day didn't end as well as it started.

I realized just after the party that my parents were arguing. They were always arguing, and I hated that.

I went into my room to try to sleep; to drown out their noise.

I didn't get any sleep, so I just sat up angrily in bed, trying to understand what exactly they were saying. I heard Dad use a word I didn't understand: "Obnoxious." I wondered what it meant, as I heard Mom challenge his use of that word.

I couldn't stand it any more. I walked out of my room, right into their argument. They stopped immediately, looking surprised to see me there. Mom walked towards me and crouched till she was my height. Then she pulled me into a hug.

After she let go of me, she looked directly into my eyes.

"I need some space. I'm travelling tomorrow; would you like to come with me?"

I shook my head.

Mom seemed a bit startled.

"That's okay. I'll go alone."

I nodded and went back to my room as I heard another round of arguments start.

I sat on my bed, angry with them. They were clearly using me as bait, to see who the better parent was, and I was more than disgusted.

I started to imagine things. It wasn't my first time imagining, and it was definitely not going to be my last.

Mom would probably take the Advanced Flight. The A-Flight is used to cover long distances through a form of teletransporation. There are other forms of teletransportation available, but the A-flight is the only one that involves entering a machine.

I imagined Mom comfortably sitting in one, the machine teleporting itself to her destination. I imagined the system controlling it getting faulty; I imagined the A-Flight crashing into Dad's office; I imagined fires as the office crumbled. I watched it all play before my eyes, vividly.

I didn't notice when I fell asleep.

The next morning, things appeared to be fine again between Mom and Dad; but Mom still insisted on going on that trip.

I don't remember much of that day.

I only remember how my uncle explained that I would have to move in with him.

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