The X Project

When a girl discovers her imaginations come true, thanks to an experiment carried out on her when she was little, and that her imaginations can be controlled, she soon becomes a pawn for the government.

She realizes that she isn't fighting for the side she likes; but the scanty team she is able to come up with are not likely to guaranty her freedom and safety, and neither is the fact that the government has full control of her imaginations.


3. ||2|| To Discover

My home brings back memories. Of Mom tucking me in bed, of Dad telling me exaggerated stories of his childhood. Of them arguing.

The worst is of that night, innocently creating their deaths. My parents deaths. Now, I feel I didn't even know much about them. They didn't live long enough for us to have spent time discussing their history, or family secrets that I should know, but don't.

My head aches. We've been here for hours, digging through stuff they left behind. Dan says we must find something relevant before we leave, which is not supposed to be a bad idea; but searching through objects that hold precious memories of the parents I murdered is having a terrible effect on me.

I'm in my room now, the same place where I used to imagine all sorts of things; where I killed my parents. I'm just hoping to find something - anything - so long as it gets me out of here as soon as possible. Even my old bed scares me now.

Dan comes into the room with Niamh.

"Does this mean anything to you?" he asks, handing me a small note. I take it and look at it.

"The X Project

Xendier, No 127"

The note makes entirely no sense to me, and I tell Dan exactly that.

'Well, I know who Xendier is. He's my cousin. He used to have a lab somewhere around here; always the scientist," Dan says. "I guess that's what this address is for."

We teleport through a smaller version of the A-Flight. We arrive in front of a door, and Dan presses the doorbell, which starts up a chain of disinfecting processes. Seconds later, having been proven clean, the door opens itself.

A man is seated inside, cross-legged and staring at his shoes in such a way that I can't see his face, only a mass of sandy brown hair. When he looks up at us, I discover that he can't possibly be any older than eighteen.

"Who are you," Dan asks, eyeing him suspiciously. "Where is your boss?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," the guy answers, confusion written clearly on his face. "I run this lab."

I did not foresee this last night. I did not think that by now, we'll be in a strange lab, filled with computers and chemicals I do not know, about to enter a seemingly unnecessary argument.

"Where is Xendier?" Dan continues.

"He's not here, okay?"

"Well, when will he be back? We need to talk to him."

"What could you possibly want to say to a dead man?"

Everything changes with those words. Dan's voice is almost a whisper.

"My cousin is dead?"

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